Thursday, 27 September 2012


"Faiz, kita main DotA ni malam. Geng dorang si ***** kita lawan."

I was shocked. Seriously. But I refused to do so.

Reason? I might be their captain, because I know that DotA nowadays play Captain Mode. To which I think that it is a very difficult to do so.

Another reason?

A lot.

1. I never fight them - seniors, so I don't know their gameplay. And even the mode is single draft, if I am lucky, I will be able to fight them. But how about my teammates?

2. Lack of cooperation. I only know that there are three of them who have potentials yet not good enough to play even their strongest heroes.

3. Wrong item build. This is the main reason actually. Not that I don't want to teach them, but they should refer to guide which I had told them before in PlayDota. Seriously. Buriza on Atropos? Desolator on AA? If I want to build a team, I might choose the one who can play almost any hero, that includes the support, babysitter, ganker and tanker, especially using Chen.

4. Dislike of sharing.

5. Wasting time.

AFAIK, a good player knows how to observe his own minimap, without their teammates to type "bot/top/mid ms" (missing). This is called map awareness.

A good player knows how to farm creeps effectively, and knows how to deny. This is called farming skills.

A good player knows how to jungle and when to gank. This is very essential in playing.

A good player also KNOWS BASIC SKILLS, ITEM BUILDS AND SKILL BUILDS. Seriously, this is the most important thing.

A good player also knows how to read the game. If you're getting killed very often, buy immunity item. If you're not able to escape, buy blink or fs or any escape item.

A good player also knows how to support their teammates, not only offensive, but as well as defensive.

And lastly, a good player should know how to ward properly. This, if you don't play ward, you'll die.

Why I said so? Enemies might gank you. Seriously.

Well, I'm not a good player, still an amateur. I rarely fight with other people, since I used to play with AI just to release my tension. But that doesn't mean I don't have to know how to play with real people, by observing videos and replays. Reading guides and try to implement all of them in the game.

Still, no matter how good you are, but your teammates suck, you will lose. Worst, fountain is destroyed.

Yet this post actually for those who play DotA. I tried to play on Garena, but the ping is very high. I'm nervous, actually because I might be the one who will lose very often. But experience is the best teacher.

When I watched DTS team play, seriously they know they need each other. Although their heroes seems to be weak, but actually they can get a very early first blood.

Okay, sorry for this post. I wrote about DotA. I never intended to make DotA as my first nor my second, it's just my hobby. If I manage to involve in competitive games, well that's just part of my fun.

Hobby is hobby. Priority is priority. Never tend to make DotA as your life, except if you're a gamer. But I believe gamer themselves have their own personal lives. 

Well, sorry if I offended you.

Oh, I have UAK next week. Better study!


I wonder, why most of us like to racist?

Is it because we are superior than others?


I was blogwalking, I found out about racism in "Si Buasir Otak", when I read the comments, there were (was?) anonymous that...bullshit? (I used this term, because I know the meaning)

Heh. Seriously, it is. Sorry, this is a very harsh word.

But what I want to focus is RACISM.

When I read his entry, I was shocked about that.


But it's not rare anymore.

Still, not only the Chinese and Indians, but also Sabahans and Sarawakians.

And sometimes, Islam.

Racist. Heh.

To me, the one who racist is stupid, even though he or she has high intelligence, ups. No no no. He or she is an intellectual. But for sure, don't have intelligence.

Haters, you might flame me. But seriously, this entry for those who like to discriminate others.

Racists, I don't know how you live, but remember Allah is our Creator. Wait for afterlife.

If in this world you're the king of racists, wait until akhirat.

I forgive all those racists who always state negative things about my homeland.

But...I don't know about the other Sabahan. Heh.

Still, for the anonymous, using unknown names, you look like a barking dog, yet afraid when I was about to get a stone.

Well, deserve for you.

I don't know who you are, but Allah knows us.

Senang cerita, kau mahu faham? Kau tunggu di akhirat, atau tunggu balasan Allah. Dia Maha Adil.

Above sentences, for better understanding. In case for those who have hard time to read in English.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Complaint or accept.

We have forum tonight.

Conducted by PISMP BM Sem 6.

This, it is just a set induction.

I wonder why we tend to complaint.

I wonder why we tend to sigh.

I wonder why.

I'm also like this.

Was, is, and will.

I'm a human too.

Only that, we tend to complaint on small things.

A stupid thing.

About small matter.

I am irritated.

Seriously, I can make this entry a very sadistic one.

But, I meant to write for people.

So that they'll know.

Universal is what I meant.

If you don't get it, think hard.

People, it's okay to complaint.

As long as you don't exaggerate it.

As long as you know the limit.

Why complaint but rarely talk to Allah?

Why not ask from Him the Almighty?

And give efforts in solving?

Maybe, we are far away from Him.

We've fallen deep in darkness.

We've attached to the temporary world.

I, have fall.

I, the one mentioned above.

I, who don't want to solve on my own.

I, who complaint rather than solving.

I, who complaint rather than think the goodness.

I, who complaint and rage against the innocent.

Yes, it's us.

It's just depend on us.

It's just how we perceive things.

If you fell, get up.

If you tripped, stand up.

If you hurt, heal it.

Yet, it's not easy to find the light on your own.

It won't ever easy, but it's not hard.

Because Allah know we can do it.

It's just you, you can choose.

To complaint or to perceive.

Yup, it's just you.

Just one think.

Never jump to conclusion, if the hypothesis is still unclear.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Name (s).

Name: Mohd Faiz Bin Sahmain

D.O.B: 21st July 92.

Place: Hospital Keningau

Reason: Vote among siblings

Usage - Documents

Name: Iz

D.O.B: Months after born (I think)

Place: Own home

Reason: Short and fast

Usage: Name among families, neighbours, best friends and her.

Name: Faiz/Paes/Pais

D.O.B: Since entering school until now

Place: Schools, Institutions, Other places

Reason: Ask them

Usage: Among friends, teachers

Name - Faiz AvA

D.O.B - 2009/2010

Place - Unknown

Reason - Angels and Airwaves fan (AvA)

Usage - Nickname for shirts

Name - Pae Ava/Pa'e Ava

D.O.B - 2011

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - After reading Tunas

Usage - Shirts

Name - Snake Charmer

D.O.B - 2012

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - Blink 182 song - Snake Charmer (My version, Good girls don't like to sin)

Usage - Blogging

Name - SC

D.O.B - 2012

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - Short version

Usage - Blog, DotA

Name - 360

D.O.B - 2012

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - Perspective

Usage - Official DotA name and Blog

Yup. These are the names that I've been using, and still using them. I wrote about this just to inform you about it, so that you won't be wondering why I use too many names.

Actually, I was bored so I made this. Heh.

Futari Wa Wasurechau

Futari Wa Wasurechau - Tenma & Yakumo

Komedii mitai na mainichi karinabaru
Guruguru mawatte sutekina sukuruu days

Eien mitai ni omoeru toki nimo
Itsuka wa owari ga kuru no
Soredemo futari wa mo ichido deauno
Sono toki otona no anata wo

Wasurechattetara gomen
Wasurechattetara gomen ne
Zettai wasuretakunai kedo

Otona ni natte mo tabun
Otona ni natte mo zettai
Anata wa tokubetsu

Kyarakutaa fuesugi
Iroiro haado days

Houseki mitaina minna no omoide
Kakaete otona ni naru no

Itsuka wa minna to mo ichido deau no
Sono toki otona no anata wo

Wasurechattetara gomen
Wasurechattetara gomen ne
Sotto mune ni shimau kara

Otona ni natte mo tabun
Otona ni natte mo zettai
Anata wa tokubetsu

Wakaranakattara gomen
Wakaranakattara gomen ne
Zutto omoi tsudzuketeru

Otona ni natte mo tabun
Otona ni natte mo zettai
Anata wa tokubetsu

Zettai daijoubu kitto
Heiki jiyanai kana? Tabun ne
Kitto atete miseru kara

Otona ni natte mo kitto
Otona ni natte mo watashi wo
Wasurenaide ite

This is my number one favourite song for my whole life. I guess so.

It's Japanese. Yeah you can bla bla bla... about your Korean. I don't care.

But this song actually reminds me of school days. School days are the best days in TEEN's life.

'Crime', craziness, and many things to do during school days.

I shouted to a girl that I liked, Aishiteru (I spoke in English).

My seniors a.k.a my best friends thought that I was crazy.

I recalled that I always called a girl during freshie year.

That was stupid thing to do. Flattering.

I remembered that a teacher took my friend's guitar (I was the one who brought the guitar to school), which I claimed back and given something which I thought it was a joke, money.

During WC, we used to play alphabets game about countries or football players.

I remembered that I was the leader of the school, oh no. This was the one I wanted to not to remember.

I fell in love to a junior a.k.a my neighbour.

I remembered that a friend named Charles who always made jokes, play rubick(cubic?) games, and have the same interest in cars. Ohoo. Ah! My 'Japanese' classmate knows him. :)

I remembered that I played guitar with juniors during Teacher's Day event. =.=

Okay. Too many memories during school days, but I cannot recall during my primary years. But the most significant event, I broke my right arm in Year 4.

My chin was wounded as I fell on the road (tar), with the first part of my body to 'land' was my chin. Seriously.

Golden year was on 2007. I fell in love with a future doctor (who studied in Egypt right now), fantastic result, playing indoor games after exam, having fun with my seniors, almost fight because of a girl, and Allah has given me what is the meaning of Islam. I had good figure during this. Heh.

That was school years. Heh.

However, only in 2010, I began to learn many new things, especially knowing Islam. I am the only child in my family who didn't attend religious school, because I was sent to Chinese school until Year 4.

But that doesn't mean I can give excuses for not to know Islam. That's not the right way.

People say "find the truth on your own, not waiting for it".

Yup, I agree. Put effort.

Still, never forget school days. One day, if there is reunion, you'll smile for the past, because it has changed you to become who you are today.

Okay. Actually, this song is about a person who loves another. I'm just being sentimental about school days. This song is from anime School Rumble second semester. The singers are the Tsukamotos, Tenma and Yakumo (both of these actually the characters in this anime).

Alright, enjoy this song. It's a great song. Don't worry, it's a clean song.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Why always me?

Picked a hero.
Mr.Big Guy.

But they killed him.
Without mercy.

Whenever he was there to help,
Enemies would always kill him first.
Reason? Don't know.

Why always him?

Another one.
It's Mr. Tiny.
Who like to toss and stun.
Who like to kill.

Still, he would be killed as soon as the enemies saw him.

Why always him?

Next, Necrolyte.
Debut, managed to have KS, I thought so.
But, he was been killed to.

Oh yes. I forgot. DotA meant to kill heroes. So don't complaint.

You're facing your laptop.
Suddenly a call came.
Asking you to do some tasks.

As you think it was difficult,
You gave reasons, oh sorry. Excuses.
Busy, is the typical.

You'll think this,
Why always me?

Oh yes. Don't you know? People trust you to do, because they know you can. That's why.

You're planning to go for jamming on the weekend.
However, there is school on Saturday.
Your class require to do these and those.

Noisy. Complaints. Angry. Yet not riot.
You complaint.

Why always us?

People, we always complaint for things that have benefits for us.
Yes, we'll say, 'Why Always Me?'

Mr. Mario's quote is very popular.

People, don't you realize that there are more people out there who were unlucky?
Don't you know how to express grateful to Allah for giving you a wonderful life?
Oh yes. I forgot. You have too much wonderful until you forgot what it feels to have difficulties in life, yet Allah never mention that life will always be wonderful. He didn't, doesn't, and won't.

Don't say "why always me", but change to "alhamdulillah, yes it is me."

Smile people. Think about the benefits rather than annoyed.

Allah gives us what we need actually. Don't bother to complaint.

I've lost DotA in 1v1, as well as in Captain Mode.

But I've won 2 games out of 5 (which include 1v1 and CM).

I think I need to improve in my playing style.

Still, exam is around the corner, I'll try to reduce my gaming activity.

Tomorrow we will have forum, which I think it's very interesting.

I hope that I'll enjoy, rather than hearing flies buzzing around my ears.


Alhamdulillah. ^_^

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What is give up?

Give, we give something to people.

Up, position.

Give up? Surrender.

What is give up?

I know something, I don't have 'give up' in my dictionary.

Why? Because  I know, if I didn't get something, it's just I'm lacked of effort.

I didn't get 3.50, that's because Allah didn't give me, because my effort is not 100%.

That's why, I don't know what is the meaning of give up.

Why do we have to give up? Allah is besides us no matter what.

That's obvious!

So why don't we 'tawakkal' to Him after giving our best?

There might be some reason why Allah didn't give us what we want, but He gives us what we really need.

Still, human full with lust will always...always disobey Him.

Who can tell me he or she does not have lust? Heh. Allah created us to serve Him only.

He gives us lust so that we know how to handle ourselves. That's why He created iman and takwa to conquer our lust.

So that we don't lost ourselves in this temporary life.

Yet people think that give up is the easiest way to solve problem.

We rarely think 360 degrees. Remember there is no problem without SOLUTIONS. A problem has MANY SOLUTIONS. It's just us to think more than one.

Remember, never give up to try and ask Allah's help.

Insya Allah, there are ways to solve problems.

We will face this together!

"We cannot make them to understand, although they are our brothers and sisters."

"We disagree on some programs, but most of them involved are the our brothers and sisters."

Much on that.

I can feel it. Yup, I don't know but I hope that Allah is testing us.

Seriously, nowadays, it's very difficult to find someone that truly cares for you because of Allah.

Especially if you're given tasks to do.

Let me quote something.

"Eh, aku dah siap tugasku, dia punya hal lah tugas dia."

"Ish dia ni, tak tau ke kerja ni penting, kalau part dia tak siap macam mana nak teruskan part aku ni."

"Saya tidak terlibat pun dalam hal tu, saya buat tugas saya ja, buat apa mau susah-susah urus tu. Bukan bidang saya tu."

I've faced these, still facing them, and will always face them.

I just wonder, just because the task is not related to us, does it mean we don't have to know about it?

Just because we have done our task, does it mean we don't have to help the others?

"Eh, aku dah buat ni. Kau jangan pandai-pandai sana, itu hal kau. Tak mau masuk campur."

"Eh biarlah, aku punya part siap, korang lagilah. Aku dah penat-penat buat."

"Kerja kau belum siap? Tanggung sendiri."

If I could just write in Malay....

Usually, if someone has done something, they will 'ungkit' what they have done so that their responsibility 'terlepas begitu sahaja'.

Heh. I faced these all the time, regardless of time, place or even the people themselves.

Sometimes I was just like this, if I am too tired or too lazy or giving excuses.

Most of us like to do one thing, COMPLAINT!

And do another thing, MENGUNGKIT.

But ignore the most important one, UNDERSTANDING.

And never put ourselves in someone shoes, YOU ARE YOU, I AM ME.

Get it?

IF you really love your friends, you will help them no matter what.

You can give them advice or angry at them, because of not doing their work. But does it means you have to release your responsibility to guide them?

Why don't you spend your times to do the task together with them?

Rasulullah S.A.W always help people, seriously without any single complaint.

Umar Al-Khattab, helped to carry a pack of rice and some foods to feed the poor, without single complaint.

The only thing they'll say "Adakah aku tidak melaksanakan tanggungjawabku terhadap mereka?"

Ask ourselves, "Adakah aku telah menunaikan hak saudaraku?"

Ask! Ask! Ask!

People, if you think people are wrong because of themselves, that doesn't mean you are on the right one.

You might be the one who was wrong, because you didn't guide them to the right path.

Objection? You have to think of yourself.

Since this situation, will never run away from my life, I have decided to change the way myself overcome this.

Whenever I forgot to do a task, I knew that these kinds of complaints would come out, so I just have to accept it, and ask for their help or guidance.

Why? It is much better rather than feeling angry towards them to not being able to understand us.

Yup, I admit that.

We tend to put mistakes on others by letting out our responsibilities.

"Eh, itu kaulah. Aku, akulah. Tiada kaitan, padan muka, siapa suruh kau. Tanggung sendirilah."

Why don't we change like this?

"Kenapa tak buat? Kau ini. Penting tu. Kasi selesailah. Kalau ada apa-apa tanya aku, insya Allah dapat tolong."

Simple, nicest way although...'agak pedas sikit'.

Try to understand people by not ignoring yourself.

This, you will learn that life is wonderful with triumphs and disasters.

In Islam, there's no such thing "kau kau, aku aku." In Islam, "we will face this together."

I'm sorry to those if I ever did this (which I did!) to them. Insya Allah, WE WILL FACE THIS TOGETHER.

I'll try, Insya Allah.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Who would thought I end up playing this game on my own laptop?

I only thought that this game can only be played on PolyStation, or should I say, NES. Nintendo Entertainment System.

This game is legendary, popular among people who born at 90's. Seriously.

Well, this was my first game after all. Full of memories, I remembered how I managed to complete a level with super fast. Never stop except for jumping.

That's the game, Super Mario Bros.

I was looking for the game since..I couldn't remember. But I told my friend to look up on the console (NES) so that I would be able to play it.

However, during recess just now, I was looking for it, and I found out. Seriously. I managed to download it, using IPG's wireless.

For those who are looking for this legendary game, I recommend you this link -> Mario

Why? Because you can play it on your own computer. Make sure your computer has good specifications. Seriously, this game is very interesting.

You don't need skills like DotA, you don't need items to kill, you only need mushrooms!

There was a person, who complaint about this game, lack of skills and items. Heh. He didn't know that this game requires a very high concentration when you play it. It will challenge you.

I know that I wanted to overcome my addictive towards games, but still this game is very fun to play.

It was my first time since 2004. I had lost the 'touch' of this game. But, I managed to get it back, and play it very fast.

Still, not being able to beat my past records. I was able to play this game without slowing a little, except for jumping. A high acceleration running towards the goal.

Hohoho. Okay fine. Time for me to continue on surfing. People, you might know something about me, that I already lost something. I hope we are able to keep in touch, although I will only use my blog to write.

Perspective? Hmm. Sometimes it's good to play simple game rather than playing DotA. Heh. This is a very stupid perspective.

What I am trying to say is, be serious and playful. Not too serious nor too playful. It's just you.

I'm just anticipated about this game, not that I am addicted as much as playing DotA.

Hope that you will enjoy this legendary game, only 90's people know about it. Hehehe.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Such a boring day.

I have finished about 5 games of DotA, which none of them I managed to have zero death.

Still, Playing 5 games in a row didn't mean I forgot about daily prayers. Don't worry.

I am totally bored. People are anticipated about holidays while I am boring doing nothing.

I have lost the lust of playing DotA, I guess it's good for me to not to play DotA with full spirit.

Still, 5 games? Duhh!

A month before exam, weeks before UAK.

I have decided to stay focus on both. For my own good, I will delete DotA and other games, as well as movies so that I will focus.

I just want to change my way. I'll delete the games tomorrow's night. Insya Allah.

I have spent most of my times (including assignments' hours) on playing games. I'm lacked of effort in my study.

Maybe with this, I will be able to focus more.

Still, blog is my favourite thing to do. Heh.

It's just my perspective. Although people will say, balance and manage our time well. You can play games, but study is priority.

It's just you. I've already addicted to game, maybe the first step to overcome is to delete the games. If not, try your best to not to play it, especially during class.

Focus, the main key to achieve success. You can focus on game, but why can't you focus on your study?

Allah has given us time to do things well, yet we rarely appreciate it and waste our time.

So, it's just depends on you. Some people can play games and study, while others can't.

It's just you, who decide your way, with Allah's will. Put effort, you'll see your result.

Alright, that's just my post for the day. Assalamualaikum.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Special numbers.

Why I chose this for my blog's title?

Well, so that I can write a post by using 360 perspective about my surrounding, issues, as well as the world.

I believe that I must be more matured starting from now. Not that I'm like a kid, it's just that I should change how I perceive things. After reading Hilal's book, I start to see things differently, use my mind to see the angles of a thing.

Before this, I only perceived things with one perception only. Only a solution used to solve a problem. But then, our mind must work very hard to see, think, judge, value things from different ways.

Because of that, I have changed my blog's theme. I want readers to feel comfortable and calm while reading my entries. Before I forgot, I have started to write back in English since I want to improve my second language, you know, I'm TESLIAN. Hehe.

People, you must see things from many perspectives. I give you an example.

Getting married during study. Study at any institution except for schools. Get married early, list the pros and contras.

Why? Within this, we will know which has more points, and compare it. Getting married will enable us to
- avoid from doing sins
- sunnah
- happy
- offspring (okay seriously, children)

- money
- parents disagree
- may loss focus

Still, this is just my view. Maybe you can give evidence but it is much better to focus on your study, wait until your financial is stable, then you can get married. Excluding IPG's students, other institutions' students might face difficulties especially about financial since it is loan, not allowance.

Sorry to say, it is just my views. I don't care if you like it or not.

That's an example. So, people, never see things with only one perspective. Why I always mention about this is because, we always see things with 'two eyes', excluding our brain.

Alright then, hope you will get the benefits from this post. I want to rest. Assalamualaikum.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Seize the day.

Double kill!!

Heh. Assignment,goodbye. Done with you. I hope that last night will be the final for me to stay up late. For three days I couldn't sleep properly although I had two days, Saturday and Sunday, but one of the days I had to work out for BIG. Seriously, I was very tired and I slept early but woke up at midnight.

However, for now I am very happy. Seriously since I have done with both Literasi Bahasa and BMK. I only have to print out the materials and compile it as folder. After that, maybe I will sleep, but I prefer to stay up and playing games I think. Well, depends on the situation.

This morning we had an assembly, the first since holidays. I was impressed by Mrs. Vasanthi talk, which she talked about one of the excellent products of IPG. Yup, a student named Mohd Hafiz. Now, a real teacher.

He is very brave, brilliant and innovative person. Yes seriously. He is very creative person and he used Dikir Barat to teach pupils of Orang Asli. It's wonderful to see the pupils are enjoying classes and participate in every activity we conduct.

Creativity. One of my weaknesses. I couldn't think more about arts and creativity. Not that I am lazy to do so but the more I think, I feel more complicated. Still, it won't be very difficult to do so if we are hardworking to find out variety of activities. The lack of creativity inside me cause me to dress simple and rarely try something more different. I am comfortable with my style although it is simple. Still, I know how to look stylish even with simplest fashion.

That's assembly. That was very inspiring. Then, a video was shown on how to be a good teacher. I remembered one movie, Dead Poet Society. Maybe some of you know about it. Seize the days is the key word of the movie.

It is a movie about a teacher who inspires his students to be different that others, to break the traditions - strict traditions. If you still don't know, you must watch this movie especially if you're teacher. Why? It will inspire you to be an excellent teacher.

Now, since my assignments already done and finished, I will spend time to focus on myself, as well as examination. I need to do my best because I am doubtful whether my assignments can achieve high marks. However, Allah is my helper and only to Him I seek for help.

Heh. It's been a while since I wrote in English. Well, I want to improve myself in English, since I am TESLIAN. It won't be easy, but if we put efforts, we will achieve it.

Okay, I want to sleep. The lecturer has given us rest. Rest for a while, before thinking about tomorrow's task on KBSR and KSSR.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Perspektif dan fokus.

Tiga assignment perlu dihantar pada hari Jumaat yang telah berlalu, tetapi hanya dua saja yang mesti dihantar.

Ketiga-tiganya subjek major, seriously.

Lepas buat assignment ni, konfom ada kata, next sem aku mahu buat lebih awal.

Tapi itu sekadar kata-kata tanpa perbuatan, tunjukkan dengan perbuatan.


Aku cek FB tadi, terkejut aku mengenai kenyataan gangnam itu menghina Rasulullah S.A.W.

Dia kata, gangnam itu bermaksud "konon ada Rasulullah", lebih kurang begitulah.

Tepuk dahi, itu kenyataan maut ni. Sejak bilakah?

Kasihanlah orang yang tinggal di gangnam tu kalau begitu, termasuk saudara-saudara kita. Asal orang gangnam, kena kata penghina Rasulullah. Padahal hakikatnya, gangnam itu nama tempat.

Aku tak tahu siapa buat benda tu, rasanya pencetus kontroversi tentang nama Upin Ipin kot. Heh.

Besok ada BIG Fasa II, baru aku teringat ada tiga lagi assignment belum siap. Laporan BIG, Literasi bahasa, dan BMK II. 8 September, kalau time foundation dulu, mesti bergembira sebab duit dah masuk. Sekarang, tahan hati sajalah kalau mahu pergi dreamland. Jimat. Itu dreamland, belum lagi menahan hati dari KFC.

Padan muka. Apapun, next sem insya Allah dapat urus duit tu. Sem ini memang gila mahu urus duit sebab duit masuk ada dua fasa. Jadi kecelaruan sikit untuk urus tu, tapi alhamdulillah, dipermudahkan.

Tak lama lagi exam, entahlah bila. Tapi aku kira hujung bulan Oktober, huuu. Jika assignment tak dapat capai A atau B, kena capai A+ dalam exam. Insya Allah. Lebih-lebih lagi diriku dalam opsyen TESL. Aku cuma harap tidak mengulang. Itu saja. Jadi kena berusaha dari sekaranglah.

Teringat kata-kata seorang pensyarah, tapi aku akan rephrase sekadar yang diizinkan olehNya. "We cannot do two things at a time. That's why, if you have an assignment, finish one, move to another. Not when doing assignment, you online FB."

Lebih kurang begitu, memori ku lemah. Hati tak bersih la ni. Astaghfirullah al azim. Pensyarah itu mahu kami fokus. Tak dilarang berFB, sepertimana Islam sendiri pun tak melarang. Hukum asal sesuatu itu adalah harus, seperti dengar lagu, harus. Yang jadi haram jika lagu itu ada unsur contradict dengan Islam, yang jadi sunat itu jika lagu itu bersifat Islamik. Dalam fb pun begitu. FB, FB juga. Tapi hanya sekadar hiburan, bukan sebahagian daripada hidup.

Memang perlu fokus untuk exam, 4 paper wajib, 2 major paper, 1 elektif dan satu teras. Insya Allah boleh, semoga apa yang ku taip ini, bukan sekadar perkataan dan ayat semata-mata.

Trademark FB sekarang, hah, ini yang aku mahu komen ni. Agaknya aku dilahirkan sebagai pengkritik, sampaikan ada seorang kakak kata aku ni suka komen sana sini. Tapi aku komen tidaklah semua,  tengok keadaan juga, situasi, masa, tempat, kenapa, mengapa. Hehe.

Berbalik semula, FB. Kini semakin ramai luah masalah. Ceh.

Aku terus tembaklah. FB tu tak selesaikan masalah, sekadar melegakan saja. Allah itu tempat penyelesaian masalah, malah menenangkan.

Mahu update status, nanti kecil hati. Tapi kena bagitau kebenarankan? Mudah-mudahan kamu tahu bahawa "The world doesn't need to know your problems."

Perspektif, aku suka cerita pasal ini. Kebanyakan orang melihat dari sudut luaran saja.

Khamis lalu, aku dan geng-geng PBS pergi semula ke Sk. Ansip untuk mendapatkan maklumat diperlukan. Lepas tu kitaorang pergi berjalan-jalan di bandar.

On the way balik IPG, kawanku buka topik tentang kerjaya doktor. Dia kata doktor ini sangat sengsara kerjaya dia, kawanku lain sokong.

Aku sekadar berdiam, biarkan mereka bicara, sebab itu perspektif mereka. Dia berkata melalui satu perspektif saja, iaitu dia lihat sendiri kesengsaraan kerjaya doktor walaupun gaji tinggi. Cikgu lebih senang walaupun terpaksa mengajar budak.

Bagiku, doktor itu tak rasa sengsara sebab dia sendiri meminati kerjaya tersebut. Dia sendiri yang mahu menceburi. Manusia kan lain-lain. Jadi jangan pertikaikan kenapa dia pilih doktor, tapi tanyalah kenapa mahu jadi doktor.

Doktor ini, sebenarnya banyak tanggungjawab dia. Merawat pesakit, memberi motivasi, mengambil berat, macam-macam lagi. Kita nampak kesengsaraan mereka bekerja, tapi dari pandangan mereka, mereka nampak manusia perlukan pertolongan. Of courselah, doktor berhadapan dengan pesakit, takkanlah dengan polis. Ish ish ish.

Cuba selami, rasa diri kita seolah-olah menjadi seorang doktor. Of course kita rasa penat, tapi sekiranya tanggungjawab diutamakan, orang lain didahulukan, sudah tentu penat itu hilang begitu saja. Sama seperti guru, murid-murid perlu didahulukan, supaya mereka menjadi orang lebih baik untuk masa depan.

Mana-mana kerja pun, sebenarnya ada kelebihannya. Bergantung pada niat kita saja, sama ada bekerja kerana gaji, atau mahu berbakti kepada agama, bangsa dan negara.

Cukup panjang dah ni. Hoh. Selamat malam!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Respect and be wise.

6.09 pm.

Aku malas mahu menaip. Tinggal dua saja lagi assignment. Mudah-mudahan assignment ini dapat tampung markah untuk exam. Berdoa dan berusaha dalam exam. Insya Allah.

Cerita pasal bahasa. Bahasa paling indah dalam dunia ini semestinya al-Quran.

Tapi aku bukan mahu cerita pasal bahasa, mahu cerita laras bahasa. Heh.

Laras bahasa mana yang aku rasa mantap? Laras bahasa tentera.

Perempuan mungkin tak tahu ini, lelaki mungkin ada yang tahu. Sebab tidak semua main game perang-perang.

A.S.A.P, digunakan dalam tentera.

Codename pun digunakan dalam tentera.

"There's an enemy on your 12", pun dalam tentera.

Cleared hot, maksudnya tiada kompromi jika jumpa penjenayah yang dikehendaki.

Banyak lagilah, tapi aku lupa. Assignment kan.

Best laras bahasa mereka, lebih-lebih lagi banyak yang menggunakan kias-kias tapi bermaksud tajam.

Cuma...why I'm updating this?

Assignment perlu dihantar besok. 3. Ada dua lagi menunggu tapi itu boleh saja.

Cuma mood mahu membikin itu sangatlah malas, bukan malas. Tiada mood.

Namun aku main pendam-pendam saja, mahu marah pun tiada guna. Aku punya salah, aku tak tahu, aku kurang ilmu, kurang memahami.

Agak-agaknya aku perlu baca lagi buku Fanzuru karya Hilal tu untuk kali ketiga. Mungkin ada point-point yang aku termiss.

Cuma bagi yang tak setuju dengan pendapatku, aku tak kisah. Asal kamu hormat. Aku hormat mereka yang hormat atau tidak hormat aku. Kalau mahu berbincang pun ada caranya, kena beradab, perhati penggunaan bahasa, intonasi macam mana walaupun dalam penulisan, bukan mahu condemn orang yang tidak pandai berbincang. Kalau mahu bawa aku berhujah, aku minta maaf awal-awal, sebab aku bukan orang berilmu tinggi. Baik kau bawa ahli ilmuan berbincang. Jika ditanya kenapa buat begitu, bagiku itu common sense. Seperti kata lecturerku, life is all about common sense. Dah jelas, bercahaya, terang mahu juga disuluh.

Well...sebagai seorang manusia, aku juga banyak buat silap. Hatta dalam status yang aku update tu pun, mungkin ada salahnya. Aku tak berani mahu kata tidak berdosa sedangkan ulama sendiri pun berfikir untuk mengeluarkan kata-kata mahupun hujah, inikan lagi manusia biasa.

Manusia kadang-kadang kurang memahami, suka prasangka buruk, malah menuduh bukan-bukan. Kadangkala aku tergolong dalam hal tersebut, jadi aku minta maaflah kepada sesiapa juga, termasuklah yang rapat dengan ku. Ya, aku sedar diriku. Maaflah.

Manusia ini, cakap saja banyak, buatnya tidak. Aku teringat ketika kursus kepimpinan dulu, kami disuruh untuk memasukkan bebola kertas ke dalam mulut kami, sehingga full. Ketika ditanya, "macam mana mahu keluarkan bebola kertas itu dari mulut kamu," ofkoslah, muntahkannya, keluarkan dengan tangan dan macam-macam.

Heh, betul tapi tak tepat. Free-free kena tengking lagi. Padan muka. Lalu apa dicakap oleh senior tu...
"Kita ni, banyak cakap kan. Tapi jarang buat. Macam mana mau kasi keluar tu bebola kertas dari mulut kamu tu"

Maksudnya, tahu cakap penyelesaian, tapi tak buat pun.

Begitulah manusia sekarang. Heh. Tanya diri, adakah aku beramal dengan apa yang aku selalu sampaikan? Adakah aku beramal dengan apa yang selalu aku kongsikan? Adakah aku beramal dengan apa yang selalu aku tuliskan?

Ingatlah, Allah bagitau dalam quran tentang orang-orang sebegini. Menyuruh orang buat baik tapi sendiri pula membuat jahat. Apa kes.

Jika tak dapat amal semua, paling-paling pun jaga akhlak dan hati kita. Insya Allah boleh.

Okaylah, maghrib dah.

P/S - Balik-balik kena marah, tapi kena sabar. :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Amanah; Sekadar hiburan; Obsession; Syukur; Bersedia; Masa; Kosong

Aku mahu taip banyak entri kali ini. Jadi, sila baca betul-betul. Kehkehkeh.

First, assignment. Yup, kegilaan assignment, 5 mahu dihantar minggu ni, dengan dua pada hari selasa, tiga pada hari jumaat. Syukur sungguh dua assignment dah 80% siap, tinggal LGA lagi yang belum start apa-apa.

Kedua, bola. Hoho. Pasal bola, memang geng-geng bola tu bising di bilik TV tadi. Aku kagum dengan Man Utd, sebab RVP berjaya menukar keputusan di saat-saat akhir. Tahniah kepada Arsenal, masih mampu kekal momentum walaupun tiada RVP dalam pasukan. Tak mau bicara, nanti ada haters. Aku tak kisah, tapi malaslah mahu layan.

Ketiga, gangnam style punya trademark. Bising sana sini share pasal gangnam style, keburukannya, kebaikannya. Semualah. Aku berpendapat, kalau suka, sukalah. Kalau tak suka, tegur. Baiknya kita tidak terlalu obses dengan sesuatu benda. Bukan apa, kalau mahu dengar silakan. Tapi ini sampai parody yang aku rasa mengarut. Patutlah Mat Lutfi kata plastik itu sampah yang terdapat di mana-mana. Sindiran ini, keh3.

Keempat, kes seorang blogger yang buat entri pasal guru. Ramai hentam dia. Aku sebagai bakal guru diam saja. Masing-masing profesion ada kelebihan. Tapi sukacitanya di sini, menjadi guru bukan senang. Yup, bolehkah handle para pelajar sekarang yang mana mereka dibenarkan bawa handphone ke sekolah? Bolehkah handle para pelajar sekarang di mana kekerasan tidak digalakkan? Bolehkah handle mereka sekarang di mana kalau tersalah sikit guru yang kena? Heh. Guru memanusiakan manusia. Doktor menyelamatkan manusia. Engineering membantu manusia. Hakim, mengadili manusia. Peniaga, menguntungkan manusia. Tengok sendiri mana yang paling penting dalam hal ini.

Kelima, besok kuliah. Jumpa balik muka-muka lama. Jumpa balik semua yang ada, kecuali sahabat yang telah meninggal dunia. Mudah-mudahan Allah merahmati beliau.

Keenam, besok koperasi diurus sepenuhnya oleh kak Linda, kerani koperasi. Tiada sudah dua orang sahabat yang dulu, jadi aku malas dah mahu visit sana. Yalah, takkan mahu bercerita dengan dia pula, kalau ada kawan tak apa. Ini sorang-sorang.

Ketujuh, well, entah. Aku tak tahu apa mahu bicara lagi.

Secara kesimpulannya, moral of the story

1. Assignment itu amanah
2. Bola itu hiburan, bukan gaya hidup
3. Sekadar suka tidak apa, tapi jangan fanatik, serta jangan langgar perintah Allah
4. Bersyukurlah dengan karier, guru tak semestinya masuk ke IPG atau ambil jurusan perguruan, contohilah Abdul Rahman bin Auf, peniaga tapi boleh mengajar beberapa orang sahabat
5. Siap sedia menghadapi kuliah
6. Jangan buang masa
7. Idea untuk entri lain.

Kehkehkeh. Buat kerja dulu.