Sunday, 23 September 2012

Futari Wa Wasurechau

Futari Wa Wasurechau - Tenma & Yakumo

Komedii mitai na mainichi karinabaru
Guruguru mawatte sutekina sukuruu days

Eien mitai ni omoeru toki nimo
Itsuka wa owari ga kuru no
Soredemo futari wa mo ichido deauno
Sono toki otona no anata wo

Wasurechattetara gomen
Wasurechattetara gomen ne
Zettai wasuretakunai kedo

Otona ni natte mo tabun
Otona ni natte mo zettai
Anata wa tokubetsu

Kyarakutaa fuesugi
Iroiro haado days

Houseki mitaina minna no omoide
Kakaete otona ni naru no

Itsuka wa minna to mo ichido deau no
Sono toki otona no anata wo

Wasurechattetara gomen
Wasurechattetara gomen ne
Sotto mune ni shimau kara

Otona ni natte mo tabun
Otona ni natte mo zettai
Anata wa tokubetsu

Wakaranakattara gomen
Wakaranakattara gomen ne
Zutto omoi tsudzuketeru

Otona ni natte mo tabun
Otona ni natte mo zettai
Anata wa tokubetsu

Zettai daijoubu kitto
Heiki jiyanai kana? Tabun ne
Kitto atete miseru kara

Otona ni natte mo kitto
Otona ni natte mo watashi wo
Wasurenaide ite

This is my number one favourite song for my whole life. I guess so.

It's Japanese. Yeah you can bla bla bla... about your Korean. I don't care.

But this song actually reminds me of school days. School days are the best days in TEEN's life.

'Crime', craziness, and many things to do during school days.

I shouted to a girl that I liked, Aishiteru (I spoke in English).

My seniors a.k.a my best friends thought that I was crazy.

I recalled that I always called a girl during freshie year.

That was stupid thing to do. Flattering.

I remembered that a teacher took my friend's guitar (I was the one who brought the guitar to school), which I claimed back and given something which I thought it was a joke, money.

During WC, we used to play alphabets game about countries or football players.

I remembered that I was the leader of the school, oh no. This was the one I wanted to not to remember.

I fell in love to a junior a.k.a my neighbour.

I remembered that a friend named Charles who always made jokes, play rubick(cubic?) games, and have the same interest in cars. Ohoo. Ah! My 'Japanese' classmate knows him. :)

I remembered that I played guitar with juniors during Teacher's Day event. =.=

Okay. Too many memories during school days, but I cannot recall during my primary years. But the most significant event, I broke my right arm in Year 4.

My chin was wounded as I fell on the road (tar), with the first part of my body to 'land' was my chin. Seriously.

Golden year was on 2007. I fell in love with a future doctor (who studied in Egypt right now), fantastic result, playing indoor games after exam, having fun with my seniors, almost fight because of a girl, and Allah has given me what is the meaning of Islam. I had good figure during this. Heh.

That was school years. Heh.

However, only in 2010, I began to learn many new things, especially knowing Islam. I am the only child in my family who didn't attend religious school, because I was sent to Chinese school until Year 4.

But that doesn't mean I can give excuses for not to know Islam. That's not the right way.

People say "find the truth on your own, not waiting for it".

Yup, I agree. Put effort.

Still, never forget school days. One day, if there is reunion, you'll smile for the past, because it has changed you to become who you are today.

Okay. Actually, this song is about a person who loves another. I'm just being sentimental about school days. This song is from anime School Rumble second semester. The singers are the Tsukamotos, Tenma and Yakumo (both of these actually the characters in this anime).

Alright, enjoy this song. It's a great song. Don't worry, it's a clean song.


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