Friday, 12 September 2014

GTF - Episode 2

Aaahh. It's me again.

Well, episode 2 after 5 months.


I was doing my practicum in Sk. Luagan.

All my cousins, aunts were there.

But, it was great.

I met a very amazing class.

Though they may be low proficient, but actually, they were just the same as other classes.

And I feel very grateful to meet them.

Thank you kids.

I won't forget you.

Well, just let the pictures speak.

Geng 4 Cekap.

Geng penyajak.

These are my girls. Naughty but brilliant.

Guess what? That woman beside me used to be my teacher during primary school. Now, we work together as educator.

Geng Kacamata.

Geng 4 Cekap II.

Lovely students.

Sporting tahap giga the teachers.

Cute little student and Farah.

One is overly matured and one is overly crazy. Wonder why dorang boleh bersuka.

Thank you very much.

Insya Allah we may meet again.