Monday, 23 September 2013

It's Dominating! It's Dominating!

I believe this is my first or second time to write about football.

Today's match, Derby of Manchester.

But, I'm disappointed, because the Blue has won.

The Red Devils lost.

Absurd, 4 goals to one.

But at least, they didn't get clean sheet. Heh.

Well, what I could say is the MF was not very good, I only saw Rooney who performed very well.

Then, after Cleverley came to susbstitute AY, I saw a glimpse of hope.

They attacked, attacked, attacked, during the second half, it's much better after 4 goals on first and early second half.

Then, Rooney's free kick, to deny clean sheet for Joe Hart.

They were to excellent, Rooney didn't lose his temper, but I was disappointed to see Kagawa, Nani and Hernandez were left out on the bench.

The game ended with MU still had two available substitutions, and that's absurd.

But, it's useless to write on here, my dissatisfaction towards DM, on not using Kagawa and Nani.

If there's a way to contact them, I'll be the first one to text/mail/call him.

Well, it's a history now, it's pointless to feel angry, pointless to insult, to boast, or whatever.

Learn from it.

Everyone has bad day, I believe Man Utd had, have and will have bad days. But it's important to bounce back from defeat. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Workout Songs

Well, I have too many ideas, alhamdulillah thanks to Allah, but this time, I want to share the workout songs that I have been using. Workout here means weight training because I don't listen to music when doing cardio (futsal).

Workout songs should be upbeat, fast tempo, catchy, epic, rock songs also possible.

Well, it's your choice. Not that I discourage you to listen to slow music, but hey, it's much better to listen superb songs right? :)

Well, let me list down my favourite songs whenever I workout. Sometimes, I like to repeat the songs over and over again.

1. Immediate Music - Imperitum/Imperativa/Imperativa Remix

Try click it, or just search on the YouTube.

Three different versions of this music (song has lyric). It's epic, the combination of orchestra and modern music (since when I know a lot about this -_-), well it motivates me to do workout more. But, of course, I have limit too. I do not need to workout more than an hour. 20, 30 minutes until 45 minutes is enough (mostly 20-30 minutes) because I train every day, train different muscles every day. That's how I do it.

This music actually creates your imagination, well anything you want. Sometimes I like to imagine to dance with someone using this music. Oh, of course, with future wife.

2.Blue Stahli - Overklock

This. Please find the genre. People say it's not house or whatever clubbing music, I put the genre as an electronic industrial rock music. Seriously.

It's a superb upbeat music, fast and not really epic but techno. Combination of techno and punk/rock music. Well, opinion anyway.

But seriously, this music can motivate you more and makes you to push yourself to the limit. Search it on YouTube.

3. E.S Posthumus - Arise

Another music which..err..good, interesting, not very epic but catchy. Slow at the beginning, good climax and happy ending. Just to say it.

4. Atomic Moog

Well this music also good. I like to listen to this when playing games, including workout. Still, it's a nice music to listen, or you can say it's a song.

5. The Used - Pretty Handsome Awkward

Finally, a song in my list. This is actually good because it is a punk rock genre. Well just listen.

It depends on you, your choice to listen to music or songs when doing workout. But for me, most of these songs are fast and upbeat, which I like to listen compare to blink 182 songs or others when I am working out.

Well, that's it. Just in case you want some upbeat music to do workout, I highly recommend the first and second. :)


Banyak draft entri, tapi semuanya tak jadi. Entah.

So, kali ni entri personal sikit.

Something that make me very stress.

Seriously, no matter how difficult the situation is, I won't stress myself too much, though some people think I'm just being lazy. Sorry for that.

But this time, I need to work on it. Yup. My weight.

I gained too much weight since my sister's wedding. Seriously.

End of June until almost the end of September, hampir 3 months, naik 6 kg.

Semalam pula, terkejut beruk angka tu melebihi 5.

And I should really work on it.

Sekalipun setiap hari berfutsal, memang weight training tu perlu.

Entah kenapa malas pula mau angkat tu barbell. Zzzz. Padahal, the rule of losing weight is to maintain muscle and lose fat.

Insya Allah, 5 kg 5 minggu. Biar lambat, asal lemak hilang. Heee.

Second thing, my form when playing futsal.

Yup, I've learnt and develop a lot. Today, I scored 1 and two assists. The other day time before paha aku sakit sangat selepas buat squat (kah juga tu) 30 kali tanpa henti, dapat score 2 kali.

Sometimes I misplaced my pass, but yeah, learn from it.

Third thing, gaming.

Hoho. Towards the end of the year, sememangnya game mantap banyak keluar.

PES 2014 (tapi aku tak main), FIFA 2014, Splinter Cell - Blacklist, Assassin Creed 4, banyak lagi.

Memang aku gila game, tapi tidaklah gila sangat.

Cuma sekarang aku lebih suka main DotA 2. Yeah!! Add me erin_dante.

And nothing much.

Dan 2013 bakal berakhir, aku bakal menjalani praktikum fasa 1, insya Allah.

Sekarang risau sikit pasal exam, assignment yang entah diterima atau tidak. Hehe.

Berdoa saja, I want to do very well this semester in exam. Tidak mahu stress.

Stress is good, but too much stress is doom.

And... to be a non-judgmental person, is not easy as words.

Zzzz...kenapakah trademark ini semakin aku suka guna.