Monday, 23 September 2013

It's Dominating! It's Dominating!

I believe this is my first or second time to write about football.

Today's match, Derby of Manchester.

But, I'm disappointed, because the Blue has won.

The Red Devils lost.

Absurd, 4 goals to one.

But at least, they didn't get clean sheet. Heh.

Well, what I could say is the MF was not very good, I only saw Rooney who performed very well.

Then, after Cleverley came to susbstitute AY, I saw a glimpse of hope.

They attacked, attacked, attacked, during the second half, it's much better after 4 goals on first and early second half.

Then, Rooney's free kick, to deny clean sheet for Joe Hart.

They were to excellent, Rooney didn't lose his temper, but I was disappointed to see Kagawa, Nani and Hernandez were left out on the bench.

The game ended with MU still had two available substitutions, and that's absurd.

But, it's useless to write on here, my dissatisfaction towards DM, on not using Kagawa and Nani.

If there's a way to contact them, I'll be the first one to text/mail/call him.

Well, it's a history now, it's pointless to feel angry, pointless to insult, to boast, or whatever.

Learn from it.

Everyone has bad day, I believe Man Utd had, have and will have bad days. But it's important to bounce back from defeat. 

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