Sunday, 13 October 2013


Last Tuesday, our lecturer came to our class, which I thought she would 'membebel' something useless.

But then, my heart said "Listen to her."

I did.

You know what she said?

She gave motivational talk, attitude, live your life happily, forgiving people, many more.

She said like this, well, I paraphrase it.

"Sometimes I don't know, when a lecturer teaches you just so-so, not very good, and not strict, you tend to give the lecturer five (for evaluation form), but if a lecturer is being strict, teach you very good, like me (laugh), you will give them lower (5 is the highest for evaluation score, 1 is the lowest). You are being hypocrite you know."

Smile, but only in my heart. Yeah, we are being hypocrite, but some people tend to be lying rather than being honest, just want to ensure his/her position in their career, or whatever.

She also talked about her neighbours, which she is being friendly to them, though they are different races. She said "We are one Malaysia."

Attitude is vital, crucial, undeniable importance to everyone of us. Yup.

Attitude is something you can't learn directly, not because of norm, but it's simply because of being yourself, to respect, and being respected by others.

People won't respect you if you not respect them, that's for sure.

Attitude is vital, because people around you will be pleased, happy and enjoy being with you.

That's why, Rasulullah S.A.W, the greatest man of all time, have a good attitude, which everyone loves.

Amazing, isn't it? :)

I read a printscreen related to mufti who is ready to apologize for his statement about KD should be Malay.

Forgive him, that's the best.

I wonder, if someone make a controversial statement, of course we are angry, but when he/she wants to apologize, we couldn't accept it.

But if someone that we admire the most do the same thing, we may be different. Simply, because we love him/her.

If we are hardly to forgive someone for their mistakes, we are hardly to forget their mistakes, but we simply forget their good deeds to us.

It's not easy, yet not hard, if we try.

To talk about life, I don't have the right to do so, because everyone's life is different.

You may hate people to judge you, but sometimes you shouldn't blame them.

Maybe, it's because you start to provoke them.

Of course, if you do it right, then it'll be okay, but if it's not, then it won't be okay.

Wrong is wrong, even though everyone is doing it, right is right, even if you're the only doing it.

People change, for some reasons, but sometimes their changes, disrupt others, him/herself.

That's life.

Sweet is bitter, bitter is sweet, that's life.

Happy Eidul-Adha, let us fast tomorrow, dear brothers and sisters muslim. :)

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