Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Memories make me stronger.

I was hanging out today with my best friends, Zul and Adlizan. We were playing badminton along with Qawiem. All about today, Adlizan kept mentioning about the memories of him during past years. With his friends, ex-classmates, ex-girlfriend. hehehe. I just listened to him. I like to be silent whenever people are talking to me and I will only talk if the chance is given. (means after they finished what they want to say)

I tried to remember the memories that I had before. None of them were good, I mean, not really sweet memories. Well, just one thing. My groups (1992) were the best batch in my former High School SM SFX. Why?PMR and SPM..we're the one who made them proud as our school was listed in top 10 best school in Sabah. That's a wonderful one. Erm.. what else ya?

Well, actually, during my high school, many events, incidents and a lot more happened. I just want to share. :)
In 2005, my first year in secondary school. Well, I have a few friends only. I was like a ghost in my class. Haha. Being alone and EASILY distracted and emotional. (hormone problems maybe I think) Some of my classmates like to tease me and call me something that hurt me. Want to know what? Heeee. NO WAY! 
I had a crush on two girls. (wow) First one was D****n and the second one was one of my classmates. But I was also IN A RELATIONSHIP with a girl who had crush on me. But after 3 days, we broke up. Why? Honestly, I have no feeling on her. So I didn't want to lie to her. (maybe I dumped her because the crush on my classmate)
About my crush, when I told her that I love her, I was rejected. (HAHAHA) I'm not suit to her at all. (that was what her friend said) And HELL YEAH. I WAS HURT. (who doesn't?I was teen at that moment) and mostly I segregated myself and my friend at that time was Valerian. haha. I took about more than 8 months to recover. (kununla)

In 2006, I had nothing beautiful memories in this year. Except for..erm..I don't know.But my friends did. Ijan and Ijul. kehkehkeh. Both of them had crush on two girls - one from my class and other was my ex-crush- keh keh keh. Then, both of them rejected. However, Ijan did have the chance compared to me though they didn't make it.

In 2007, oh hell yeah! My golden year. Hahaha. This year was my PMR year. I had a HUGE CRUSH on a girl named (can't be mentioned) who is already pursue her study in EGYPT. hehehe. Though at the moment, I can be with her. But actually not. At the same time, Ijan also love her. One of the stupid thing I have ever done in MY LIFE, I said I LOVE YOU very loud. What an idiot. My friendship with Ijan almost destroyed because of her. But luckily we be friends again. Also, I've got the great result in PMR (same as in my class) and our school was on No.3 in SABAH. Keh keh keh. Golden year for me. Oh yeah, Ijan had a girlfriend during this time. But I'm not get along with his GF. I don't know why. Also, I have bravery to face girls (especially when I asked someone phone number) hahaha.

In 2008, well...I do have memories. I got to know a cute girl (form 3) from SEMEKEN, and we become friends. She is cute, her 2nd elder sister is cool and the elder sister is beautiful. I didn't know that SHE has a boyfriend and I tried to..well you know what... but yeah, rejected. But, that didn't ruin our friendship (as happened in my previous relationship with other girls). Why? SHE IS MY NEIGHBOUR. This year was the craziest (I think) cause I brought along my phone to school and TEXTING her during class, when the teacher was teaching. Hahaha. But eventually, we just become friends and now, I become friend with her sisters too. In fact, we're 'crazy head'. And this time, her sister whose I always called 'mumy' in relationship with my best friend. Believe me, they were perfect couple. The guy is handsome, the girl is beautiful. They are also neighbours and their house is only 3 meters away from each other. hahaha.
In 2009 was my SPM year. I can claimed that this year was my silver year. Hahaa. I was the HEAD PREFECT. Well, what next. ermm. err..I had a crush junior. Hehehe. She was in form 3 that time. She is pretty and I love to watch her wearing tudung. :) But I just kept inside my heart. During 2009, I had a little argue (this is the correct one to describe?) with one of my classmates but really, I don't need to mention here. During in 2009 too, I have one more best friend and it's my teacher. :) Ohya, I sign up FACEBOOK during this year too. haha.

In 2010, I guess I have a lot of them. I have my driving license, have a good SPM result. Our batch was the great and once again, we made to top 10 in Sabah. :) I was in a relationship with a girl, but then broke up. I have a crush on a girl - my best friend - and fall in love with a girl in IPG. But then, yeah, I mentioned this before, rejected. But what the hell. I found out that Ijan already have a girlfriend in UMS, beautiful you know. Hehehe. I'm envy of him a little. But from him I learned about this LOVE thingy deeply. But I just want to wait my wife actually. (future wife) I HAVE A CRUSH ON A GIRL NOW but it's a secret. I just don't want to admit it.

Why I'm sharing these memories with you?Well maybe some of you just like me. Nah. This is just a little reflection I think. Anything can happen in 5 years and yeah, from 2005 to 2010, everything has changed a lot. When I keep thinking about it, I realized I have changed a lot. I don't know what but I'm sure it's good thing. I just need to forget the past (the one which was bad) and look forward. Try to recall the memories and ask yourself a question that you're the only one who can answer it. The question? Think it yourself. :P