Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ngo-blog III - Daily routine


Pergh. Another entry in English. Well, maybe I can improve myself in this language. Hehehe.

Everyday at 5, I always go down to play sports or exercise. This already part of my daily routine. I cannot skip it except when it's raining. Even if I go outing, I will ensure myself to come back earlier, because I don't want to miss my daily routine.

However, there are another daily routines we should always be punctual to do it. What is it? Perform solat at masjid. It's not easy but not too hard. We should force ourselves to do so. This is a reminder for me too.

At 5, I will leave tasks or assignments just for this activities. If there's no one playing sports, like volleyball or badminton, I will jog about 2-3 laps. Yeah you can laugh about it. Our track is not the same as standard track. Seriously, 3 times larger than normal. Exaggerating. Kehkehkeh.

There's one sport that I've addicted to, volleyball. I like to play sports involving hands, rather than feet. I don't know, although I can play football or futsal, but I prefer 'hand-sports'. Kehkehkeh.

I always play along with the seniors, juniors, brother juniors and anyone else. We enjoy playing and it's not easy to play this. During my high school time, I used to be playing this when election of the tournament. However, since I was not used to this during that time, I never been chosen. Well, what should I say. Maybe because I was too obey to my teacher's word about 'main 3'. Pass, set and spike. Now? I spike whenever I want. Haha.

What I'm trying to say is, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W advised us to do exercises to strengthen our body, especially for performing ibadah. Healthy body means healthy iman. Insya Allah.

Try to make your day with 30 minutes exercise. Honestly, I was shy to go down to do exercise or play sports with others. The reason was my body, embarrassed with my body that grow overweight. However, this year will be different. I will go down everyday at 5 - except for rain or go home - to make my body healthier than before. I need to reduce a lot of weight before June. Haha.

Still, balanced diet is the most important thing. The best method for diet is fasting. Rasulullah S.A.W always fasting because besides of getting 'pahala', we also get healthy body. Our body system will take a rest from processing food. Yeah, and it's very good to do so.

There's an important thing for muslims. Whenever, whatever or whoever you play sports with, remember Allah's rules. Always keep our aurat close. That way, insya Allah, Allah will grant us healthy body, iman and pahala. Insya Allah.

Alright, that's all. I need to do some work about literature and planning gotong -royong for Masjid Jamek. Have a nice day!!!

Pae - Another entry with English. I'm starting to like it. Kehkehkeh.