Monday, 13 February 2012

"I won't stress though it's a bad day."

Another day another English entry. Ahaks.

Sorry for bad introduction everyone, assalamualaikum.

Today's lecture until 3pm. It will be the last for this day to end at 4. Next week, EDU subject will change to Tuesday after recess. Oh yeah.

Just now, we're given another assignment. EDU 3101. Seriously, we need to send 4 assignments for this month and all of them must be sent before our School Based Experience.

Ahah, regarding SBE, when I met Mr. Suffian - the head of practicum unit - he allows me to do my SBE in Kuala Penyu with a condition, there must be a letter from parents or guardians that allow me to do so. Well, I only need to type the letter, sign by Mr. Sahmain and yeah, hello Kuala Penyu.

I don't feel so well today. I SMS my beloved girl - cousin - and she also has the same feeling as me. Well, the reasons? I don't know. Still finding it, maybe because of a few factors that hurt me so bad. Well, inappropriate word, I mean, maybe it's my 'down' day. Heh.

However, whenever I feel down, I won't ever accept the word 'stress' no matter what. I don't like it because in my life, I never face any kind of stress or migraine. I only face pressure but I rarely care about problems.

Not that I don't accept things that come to me but when I think about it, maybe Allah tests me, my iman, mental, physical or anything. That's why I never like to complaint because it's like you don't appreciate what Allah has given to you.

If I have problems, I will reflect myself deep inside. I will think about what have I done and causes for my letdown day. Maybe I have done something wrong, and people start to irritate me. Well, reflect ourselves is always the best solution. Insya Allah.

I admit today is my bad day. Well everyone has their bad days right? Including me. I'm not perfect though. During playing volleyball just now, seriously my game was not very good enough. I lost my momentum, I lost my focus, every time I hit the ball, it would be out or hit the net. When I reflect myself, I realized that either Allah test me, or gives me warning. Alhamdulillah.

So for all you, if you have something that 'uncool' or let you down, reflect yourself. Maybe the miseries come from you, maybe you hurt people or done something irritating. Never complaint, pray to Allah. Allah will ease us tomorrow or maybe another day.

Okay, that's all from me. Remember, Allah always there whenever or wherever we want to talk. Practice yourself to talk to Him before talking to someone else. How to talk? Doa is the best weapon for muslims. Insya Allah. Never stress, although you face a bad day in your life. It means you're still human.

Pae - What is tomorrow people? If you say tuesday then you're right. Sorry, I don't celebrate v-day because I'm muslim. :)

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