Saturday, 11 February 2012

Consecutive weeks killer!


WEll, it supposed to be Tuesday, but, whatever. It's my blog. Kehkehkeh.

Wrong introduction. Thank you Allah for letting me to live again today, chance to improve my iman. Insya Allah.

I was blogwalking and read junior's blog. Quite interesting about their foundation life.

Our beloved junior will face the toughest semester in their foundation life. Yeah, semester 2 foundation definitely will kill you. I faced, and alhamdulillah, every conflict settled, every assignment settled.

If you think foundation semester two is tough, wait until you become like us. Degree first semester is very tough. After CNY, a horde - feels like zombie of L4D - comes and kill us. Luckily, lecturer kept extend the due date - seriously, we never request - and first task of first assignment already done. I hope we won't redo it. Seriously.

Starting next week, I feel that it will always busy, busy, busy, busy, busy until final exam. Why?

Next week, 13th Feb - task, assignments, tutorial presentation, assignments.

Following week, still, task, assignments, tutorial presentation, assignments, merentas desa i think.

Following after that, the due date of all given assignments - BMK, TSL, TITAS - oh man! Still, tutorial presentation - our group again - and tasks.

Following after that Feb-March, maybe we can rest for a while. Heh. A while? I don't think so.

Second week of March, first school-based experience. Yeah, I choose Kuala Penyu as my SBE school. Why? Well, even I'm Keningau, but I want to explore the world. Who knows, I'll get a lot of knowledge there. Insya Allah.

After that? Holidays. But assignments? There's no holidays for assignments. Never. Hahaha.

After holidays? BIG first phase. Oh, busy,busy and busy. Will I survive? Yup. If I put an infinite effort into it.

Welcome April after BIG P1. During this time, I think the situation will be okay, I hope. Well, we'll sit for UAK, and definitely MUET. Band 4 is a must for TESL.

After that, welcome the month of war. Final examination.

These are only involving major activities. There are many more such as folios, task in JKM - the head of PM - and many more. I hope Allah will ease me and all of you to face such busy days. Most important, be stronger than before. Insya Allah.

One advantage that I have, since my dearest lappy is in ICU - she's not die yet - my gaming activities are reduced. There's an advantage of having damaged laptop. Hihi. Alhamdulillah. Another one, I often go down to the field and exercising. Of course, for health, especially to perform ibadah. That's an improvement. How about you? IF you have something new to be done, istiqamah. Insya Allah everything will be eased to do so. Amin.

First entry in English. Ahaks. Sorry for my broken and 'tunggang-langgang' English. Well, I need to learn a lot. Oh ya, JAKIM gives fatwa about valentine. Muslims, don't celebrate. JAKIM says haram. So, think and choose wisely. Fatwa already out, it's you who decide.

Pae - Akhirnya, siap juga entri English yang pertama! Ahah!


  1. mengenai SBE:
    menurut en suffian saheran, SBE hndaklah dilakukan di tempat msing2..

    mcm ni, sya org kudat and sya mw buat SBE di Papar, sya x kan dpt. en suffian akn tkar ke keningau. beliau bg tw kmu kna buat dkat tmpat msing2..

    but, try tnya beliau, mna tw luck kmu kan~

    every year and every semester sgt sibuk tdak kra kmu foundation atau degree, x ad bnda yg x sbk..

    bersyukurlh krn disibukkan dgan perkara2 yg baik drpd disibukkan dgan perkara yg ntah ap2 2~

  2. Selamat menyibukkan diri! Haha. :)