Sunday, 12 February 2012

Troll craziness! Man Utd! Avoid from being fanatic!

Well, another entry less than 24 hours. Kehkehkeh.

Lately, I've been thinking, people starting to like the troll jokes or should I say, rage?

I don't know what should I name it. Sorry for the fans, I like the jokes but not too fanatic. Fanatic is dangerous.

Well, let us see one of the jokes.

Let me translate it for you okay.

Girl - Darling, can I ask you something?
Boy - What is it?
Girl - Do you smoke?
Boy - Nope.
Girl - Do you drink?
Boy - Never.
Girl - Do you watch p**n?
Boy - No.
Girl - How do you find happiness in life?
Boy - Lying.

Okay, for those Sabahan, you better ignore this translation. It's not funny when it's being translated. Kehkeh.

It's okay to joke, but better joke with truth. Like Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, when he jokes, he never tell lies. That's how we joke to get pahala, as well as strengthen our relationship with others.

I'm not against this troll, in fact, I do see some of them. Only when I want to, but better not troll with something that unnecessary or flaring others. Honestly it's not funny at all if you're doing that. I'll hate you for that.

Okay, now let's talk about football.

At the age of 13 to 17 - form 1 to form 5 - I was crazy about football. Even in world cup 2006, all topics were related to football. Sometimes we even argue which team will be in final. Seriously, I almost involved in betting because of this. Luckily, thanks to Allah, I never done it.

Football is the only sport you play ball with your legs. Beach ball or street football or futsal is the small branch of this sport.

People were talking about the match between The Kop and Man Utd. I seriously will avoid of flaring others because it isn't necessary to do so. Why? What do you get if you're flaring others? Nothing. Avoid from being too fanatic, it's harmful to you and others. Kehkehkeh.

Man Utd

The result is 2-1 which won by Man Utd. Congratulation, Man Utd is my fav team since 200....I don't know. Ironically, whenever Man Utd lost, The Kop fans - most of them - like to insult Man Utd fans. Whenever Man Utd won against them, The Kop fans did the same thing and saying Man Utd is not good enough. This what happens if you're being fanatic in something, including fanatic to K-Pop.

I also enjoyed with K-Pop, especially T-Ara, Kara, IU and After School. But when someone saying bad things about it, I like to remain silent. Why? I prefer to do so because it's pointless to defend something that not necessary, just like fanatic K-Pops did. I won't use any harsh words, prohibited. Still, I love Man Utd. Congratulations.

Hyomin, Qri, Ji Yeon, So Yeon, Eun Jung, Boram. Ups, Hwayoung missing. Okay to like, not okay to fanatic.

If you're being fanatic to something, you are tend to become 'less clever'. Kehkeh. It's not relevant to our life. Can you bring football to afterlife? Nope. K-pop to akhirat? Nope. Better avoid from being too fanatic. It's okay to like it, but not okay to crazy about it. No offense okay.

Well, it depends on you. I never force you to leave it. Just being realistic. Kehkeh. By the way, Sanah Helwah to Ustaz Azhar Idrus and Imam Asyraf. May Allah bless all of us. Thank you for sharing knowledge with us. Please come to Sabah next time. Kehkehkeh.

Pae - Congrats MU. Entri kedua dalam English! Yeah. Kalah menang perkara biasa, yang penting utamakan akhirat.


  1. wakkakak..jadi camana kau sari itu kebahagiaan dalam hidup?hakhak

    1. Haha. Sy menipu urg la. Haha.