Thursday, 27 September 2012


"Faiz, kita main DotA ni malam. Geng dorang si ***** kita lawan."

I was shocked. Seriously. But I refused to do so.

Reason? I might be their captain, because I know that DotA nowadays play Captain Mode. To which I think that it is a very difficult to do so.

Another reason?

A lot.

1. I never fight them - seniors, so I don't know their gameplay. And even the mode is single draft, if I am lucky, I will be able to fight them. But how about my teammates?

2. Lack of cooperation. I only know that there are three of them who have potentials yet not good enough to play even their strongest heroes.

3. Wrong item build. This is the main reason actually. Not that I don't want to teach them, but they should refer to guide which I had told them before in PlayDota. Seriously. Buriza on Atropos? Desolator on AA? If I want to build a team, I might choose the one who can play almost any hero, that includes the support, babysitter, ganker and tanker, especially using Chen.

4. Dislike of sharing.

5. Wasting time.

AFAIK, a good player knows how to observe his own minimap, without their teammates to type "bot/top/mid ms" (missing). This is called map awareness.

A good player knows how to farm creeps effectively, and knows how to deny. This is called farming skills.

A good player knows how to jungle and when to gank. This is very essential in playing.

A good player also KNOWS BASIC SKILLS, ITEM BUILDS AND SKILL BUILDS. Seriously, this is the most important thing.

A good player also knows how to read the game. If you're getting killed very often, buy immunity item. If you're not able to escape, buy blink or fs or any escape item.

A good player also knows how to support their teammates, not only offensive, but as well as defensive.

And lastly, a good player should know how to ward properly. This, if you don't play ward, you'll die.

Why I said so? Enemies might gank you. Seriously.

Well, I'm not a good player, still an amateur. I rarely fight with other people, since I used to play with AI just to release my tension. But that doesn't mean I don't have to know how to play with real people, by observing videos and replays. Reading guides and try to implement all of them in the game.

Still, no matter how good you are, but your teammates suck, you will lose. Worst, fountain is destroyed.

Yet this post actually for those who play DotA. I tried to play on Garena, but the ping is very high. I'm nervous, actually because I might be the one who will lose very often. But experience is the best teacher.

When I watched DTS team play, seriously they know they need each other. Although their heroes seems to be weak, but actually they can get a very early first blood.

Okay, sorry for this post. I wrote about DotA. I never intended to make DotA as my first nor my second, it's just my hobby. If I manage to involve in competitive games, well that's just part of my fun.

Hobby is hobby. Priority is priority. Never tend to make DotA as your life, except if you're a gamer. But I believe gamer themselves have their own personal lives. 

Well, sorry if I offended you.

Oh, I have UAK next week. Better study!