Monday, 10 September 2012

Seize the day.

Double kill!!

Heh. Assignment,goodbye. Done with you. I hope that last night will be the final for me to stay up late. For three days I couldn't sleep properly although I had two days, Saturday and Sunday, but one of the days I had to work out for BIG. Seriously, I was very tired and I slept early but woke up at midnight.

However, for now I am very happy. Seriously since I have done with both Literasi Bahasa and BMK. I only have to print out the materials and compile it as folder. After that, maybe I will sleep, but I prefer to stay up and playing games I think. Well, depends on the situation.

This morning we had an assembly, the first since holidays. I was impressed by Mrs. Vasanthi talk, which she talked about one of the excellent products of IPG. Yup, a student named Mohd Hafiz. Now, a real teacher.

He is very brave, brilliant and innovative person. Yes seriously. He is very creative person and he used Dikir Barat to teach pupils of Orang Asli. It's wonderful to see the pupils are enjoying classes and participate in every activity we conduct.

Creativity. One of my weaknesses. I couldn't think more about arts and creativity. Not that I am lazy to do so but the more I think, I feel more complicated. Still, it won't be very difficult to do so if we are hardworking to find out variety of activities. The lack of creativity inside me cause me to dress simple and rarely try something more different. I am comfortable with my style although it is simple. Still, I know how to look stylish even with simplest fashion.

That's assembly. That was very inspiring. Then, a video was shown on how to be a good teacher. I remembered one movie, Dead Poet Society. Maybe some of you know about it. Seize the days is the key word of the movie.

It is a movie about a teacher who inspires his students to be different that others, to break the traditions - strict traditions. If you still don't know, you must watch this movie especially if you're teacher. Why? It will inspire you to be an excellent teacher.

Now, since my assignments already done and finished, I will spend time to focus on myself, as well as examination. I need to do my best because I am doubtful whether my assignments can achieve high marks. However, Allah is my helper and only to Him I seek for help.

Heh. It's been a while since I wrote in English. Well, I want to improve myself in English, since I am TESLIAN. It won't be easy, but if we put efforts, we will achieve it.

Okay, I want to sleep. The lecturer has given us rest. Rest for a while, before thinking about tomorrow's task on KBSR and KSSR.

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