Sunday, 23 September 2012

Name (s).

Name: Mohd Faiz Bin Sahmain

D.O.B: 21st July 92.

Place: Hospital Keningau

Reason: Vote among siblings

Usage - Documents

Name: Iz

D.O.B: Months after born (I think)

Place: Own home

Reason: Short and fast

Usage: Name among families, neighbours, best friends and her.

Name: Faiz/Paes/Pais

D.O.B: Since entering school until now

Place: Schools, Institutions, Other places

Reason: Ask them

Usage: Among friends, teachers

Name - Faiz AvA

D.O.B - 2009/2010

Place - Unknown

Reason - Angels and Airwaves fan (AvA)

Usage - Nickname for shirts

Name - Pae Ava/Pa'e Ava

D.O.B - 2011

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - After reading Tunas

Usage - Shirts

Name - Snake Charmer

D.O.B - 2012

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - Blink 182 song - Snake Charmer (My version, Good girls don't like to sin)

Usage - Blogging

Name - SC

D.O.B - 2012

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - Short version

Usage - Blog, DotA

Name - 360

D.O.B - 2012

Place - IPG Keningau

Reason - Perspective

Usage - Official DotA name and Blog

Yup. These are the names that I've been using, and still using them. I wrote about this just to inform you about it, so that you won't be wondering why I use too many names.

Actually, I was bored so I made this. Heh.

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