Thursday, 27 September 2012


I wonder, why most of us like to racist?

Is it because we are superior than others?


I was blogwalking, I found out about racism in "Si Buasir Otak", when I read the comments, there were (was?) anonymous that...bullshit? (I used this term, because I know the meaning)

Heh. Seriously, it is. Sorry, this is a very harsh word.

But what I want to focus is RACISM.

When I read his entry, I was shocked about that.


But it's not rare anymore.

Still, not only the Chinese and Indians, but also Sabahans and Sarawakians.

And sometimes, Islam.

Racist. Heh.

To me, the one who racist is stupid, even though he or she has high intelligence, ups. No no no. He or she is an intellectual. But for sure, don't have intelligence.

Haters, you might flame me. But seriously, this entry for those who like to discriminate others.

Racists, I don't know how you live, but remember Allah is our Creator. Wait for afterlife.

If in this world you're the king of racists, wait until akhirat.

I forgive all those racists who always state negative things about my homeland.

But...I don't know about the other Sabahan. Heh.

Still, for the anonymous, using unknown names, you look like a barking dog, yet afraid when I was about to get a stone.

Well, deserve for you.

I don't know who you are, but Allah knows us.

Senang cerita, kau mahu faham? Kau tunggu di akhirat, atau tunggu balasan Allah. Dia Maha Adil.

Above sentences, for better understanding. In case for those who have hard time to read in English.

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