Saturday, 22 September 2012

Why always me?

Picked a hero.
Mr.Big Guy.

But they killed him.
Without mercy.

Whenever he was there to help,
Enemies would always kill him first.
Reason? Don't know.

Why always him?

Another one.
It's Mr. Tiny.
Who like to toss and stun.
Who like to kill.

Still, he would be killed as soon as the enemies saw him.

Why always him?

Next, Necrolyte.
Debut, managed to have KS, I thought so.
But, he was been killed to.

Oh yes. I forgot. DotA meant to kill heroes. So don't complaint.

You're facing your laptop.
Suddenly a call came.
Asking you to do some tasks.

As you think it was difficult,
You gave reasons, oh sorry. Excuses.
Busy, is the typical.

You'll think this,
Why always me?

Oh yes. Don't you know? People trust you to do, because they know you can. That's why.

You're planning to go for jamming on the weekend.
However, there is school on Saturday.
Your class require to do these and those.

Noisy. Complaints. Angry. Yet not riot.
You complaint.

Why always us?

People, we always complaint for things that have benefits for us.
Yes, we'll say, 'Why Always Me?'

Mr. Mario's quote is very popular.

People, don't you realize that there are more people out there who were unlucky?
Don't you know how to express grateful to Allah for giving you a wonderful life?
Oh yes. I forgot. You have too much wonderful until you forgot what it feels to have difficulties in life, yet Allah never mention that life will always be wonderful. He didn't, doesn't, and won't.

Don't say "why always me", but change to "alhamdulillah, yes it is me."

Smile people. Think about the benefits rather than annoyed.

Allah gives us what we need actually. Don't bother to complaint.

I've lost DotA in 1v1, as well as in Captain Mode.

But I've won 2 games out of 5 (which include 1v1 and CM).

I think I need to improve in my playing style.

Still, exam is around the corner, I'll try to reduce my gaming activity.

Tomorrow we will have forum, which I think it's very interesting.

I hope that I'll enjoy, rather than hearing flies buzzing around my ears.


Alhamdulillah. ^_^

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