Sunday, 16 September 2012


Such a boring day.

I have finished about 5 games of DotA, which none of them I managed to have zero death.

Still, Playing 5 games in a row didn't mean I forgot about daily prayers. Don't worry.

I am totally bored. People are anticipated about holidays while I am boring doing nothing.

I have lost the lust of playing DotA, I guess it's good for me to not to play DotA with full spirit.

Still, 5 games? Duhh!

A month before exam, weeks before UAK.

I have decided to stay focus on both. For my own good, I will delete DotA and other games, as well as movies so that I will focus.

I just want to change my way. I'll delete the games tomorrow's night. Insya Allah.

I have spent most of my times (including assignments' hours) on playing games. I'm lacked of effort in my study.

Maybe with this, I will be able to focus more.

Still, blog is my favourite thing to do. Heh.

It's just my perspective. Although people will say, balance and manage our time well. You can play games, but study is priority.

It's just you. I've already addicted to game, maybe the first step to overcome is to delete the games. If not, try your best to not to play it, especially during class.

Focus, the main key to achieve success. You can focus on game, but why can't you focus on your study?

Allah has given us time to do things well, yet we rarely appreciate it and waste our time.

So, it's just depends on you. Some people can play games and study, while others can't.

It's just you, who decide your way, with Allah's will. Put effort, you'll see your result.

Alright, that's just my post for the day. Assalamualaikum.

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