Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Special numbers.

Why I chose this for my blog's title?

Well, so that I can write a post by using 360 perspective about my surrounding, issues, as well as the world.

I believe that I must be more matured starting from now. Not that I'm like a kid, it's just that I should change how I perceive things. After reading Hilal's book, I start to see things differently, use my mind to see the angles of a thing.

Before this, I only perceived things with one perception only. Only a solution used to solve a problem. But then, our mind must work very hard to see, think, judge, value things from different ways.

Because of that, I have changed my blog's theme. I want readers to feel comfortable and calm while reading my entries. Before I forgot, I have started to write back in English since I want to improve my second language, you know, I'm TESLIAN. Hehe.

People, you must see things from many perspectives. I give you an example.

Getting married during study. Study at any institution except for schools. Get married early, list the pros and contras.

Why? Within this, we will know which has more points, and compare it. Getting married will enable us to
- avoid from doing sins
- sunnah
- happy
- offspring (okay seriously, children)

- money
- parents disagree
- may loss focus

Still, this is just my view. Maybe you can give evidence but it is much better to focus on your study, wait until your financial is stable, then you can get married. Excluding IPG's students, other institutions' students might face difficulties especially about financial since it is loan, not allowance.

Sorry to say, it is just my views. I don't care if you like it or not.

That's an example. So, people, never see things with only one perspective. Why I always mention about this is because, we always see things with 'two eyes', excluding our brain.

Alright then, hope you will get the benefits from this post. I want to rest. Assalamualaikum.

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