Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What is give up?

Give, we give something to people.

Up, position.

Give up? Surrender.

What is give up?

I know something, I don't have 'give up' in my dictionary.

Why? Because  I know, if I didn't get something, it's just I'm lacked of effort.

I didn't get 3.50, that's because Allah didn't give me, because my effort is not 100%.

That's why, I don't know what is the meaning of give up.

Why do we have to give up? Allah is besides us no matter what.

That's obvious!

So why don't we 'tawakkal' to Him after giving our best?

There might be some reason why Allah didn't give us what we want, but He gives us what we really need.

Still, human full with lust will always...always disobey Him.

Who can tell me he or she does not have lust? Heh. Allah created us to serve Him only.

He gives us lust so that we know how to handle ourselves. That's why He created iman and takwa to conquer our lust.

So that we don't lost ourselves in this temporary life.

Yet people think that give up is the easiest way to solve problem.

We rarely think 360 degrees. Remember there is no problem without SOLUTIONS. A problem has MANY SOLUTIONS. It's just us to think more than one.

Remember, never give up to try and ask Allah's help.

Insya Allah, there are ways to solve problems.

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