Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Who would thought I end up playing this game on my own laptop?

I only thought that this game can only be played on PolyStation, or should I say, NES. Nintendo Entertainment System.

This game is legendary, popular among people who born at 90's. Seriously.

Well, this was my first game after all. Full of memories, I remembered how I managed to complete a level with super fast. Never stop except for jumping.

That's the game, Super Mario Bros.

I was looking for the game since..I couldn't remember. But I told my friend to look up on the console (NES) so that I would be able to play it.

However, during recess just now, I was looking for it, and I found out. Seriously. I managed to download it, using IPG's wireless.

For those who are looking for this legendary game, I recommend you this link -> Mario

Why? Because you can play it on your own computer. Make sure your computer has good specifications. Seriously, this game is very interesting.

You don't need skills like DotA, you don't need items to kill, you only need mushrooms!

There was a person, who complaint about this game, lack of skills and items. Heh. He didn't know that this game requires a very high concentration when you play it. It will challenge you.

I know that I wanted to overcome my addictive towards games, but still this game is very fun to play.

It was my first time since 2004. I had lost the 'touch' of this game. But, I managed to get it back, and play it very fast.

Still, not being able to beat my past records. I was able to play this game without slowing a little, except for jumping. A high acceleration running towards the goal.

Hohoho. Okay fine. Time for me to continue on surfing. People, you might know something about me, that I already lost something. I hope we are able to keep in touch, although I will only use my blog to write.

Perspective? Hmm. Sometimes it's good to play simple game rather than playing DotA. Heh. This is a very stupid perspective.

What I am trying to say is, be serious and playful. Not too serious nor too playful. It's just you.

I'm just anticipated about this game, not that I am addicted as much as playing DotA.

Hope that you will enjoy this legendary game, only 90's people know about it. Hehehe.

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