Wednesday, 19 September 2012

We will face this together!

"We cannot make them to understand, although they are our brothers and sisters."

"We disagree on some programs, but most of them involved are the our brothers and sisters."

Much on that.

I can feel it. Yup, I don't know but I hope that Allah is testing us.

Seriously, nowadays, it's very difficult to find someone that truly cares for you because of Allah.

Especially if you're given tasks to do.

Let me quote something.

"Eh, aku dah siap tugasku, dia punya hal lah tugas dia."

"Ish dia ni, tak tau ke kerja ni penting, kalau part dia tak siap macam mana nak teruskan part aku ni."

"Saya tidak terlibat pun dalam hal tu, saya buat tugas saya ja, buat apa mau susah-susah urus tu. Bukan bidang saya tu."

I've faced these, still facing them, and will always face them.

I just wonder, just because the task is not related to us, does it mean we don't have to know about it?

Just because we have done our task, does it mean we don't have to help the others?

"Eh, aku dah buat ni. Kau jangan pandai-pandai sana, itu hal kau. Tak mau masuk campur."

"Eh biarlah, aku punya part siap, korang lagilah. Aku dah penat-penat buat."

"Kerja kau belum siap? Tanggung sendiri."

If I could just write in Malay....

Usually, if someone has done something, they will 'ungkit' what they have done so that their responsibility 'terlepas begitu sahaja'.

Heh. I faced these all the time, regardless of time, place or even the people themselves.

Sometimes I was just like this, if I am too tired or too lazy or giving excuses.

Most of us like to do one thing, COMPLAINT!

And do another thing, MENGUNGKIT.

But ignore the most important one, UNDERSTANDING.

And never put ourselves in someone shoes, YOU ARE YOU, I AM ME.

Get it?

IF you really love your friends, you will help them no matter what.

You can give them advice or angry at them, because of not doing their work. But does it means you have to release your responsibility to guide them?

Why don't you spend your times to do the task together with them?

Rasulullah S.A.W always help people, seriously without any single complaint.

Umar Al-Khattab, helped to carry a pack of rice and some foods to feed the poor, without single complaint.

The only thing they'll say "Adakah aku tidak melaksanakan tanggungjawabku terhadap mereka?"

Ask ourselves, "Adakah aku telah menunaikan hak saudaraku?"

Ask! Ask! Ask!

People, if you think people are wrong because of themselves, that doesn't mean you are on the right one.

You might be the one who was wrong, because you didn't guide them to the right path.

Objection? You have to think of yourself.

Since this situation, will never run away from my life, I have decided to change the way myself overcome this.

Whenever I forgot to do a task, I knew that these kinds of complaints would come out, so I just have to accept it, and ask for their help or guidance.

Why? It is much better rather than feeling angry towards them to not being able to understand us.

Yup, I admit that.

We tend to put mistakes on others by letting out our responsibilities.

"Eh, itu kaulah. Aku, akulah. Tiada kaitan, padan muka, siapa suruh kau. Tanggung sendirilah."

Why don't we change like this?

"Kenapa tak buat? Kau ini. Penting tu. Kasi selesailah. Kalau ada apa-apa tanya aku, insya Allah dapat tolong."

Simple, nicest way although...'agak pedas sikit'.

Try to understand people by not ignoring yourself.

This, you will learn that life is wonderful with triumphs and disasters.

In Islam, there's no such thing "kau kau, aku aku." In Islam, "we will face this together."

I'm sorry to those if I ever did this (which I did!) to them. Insya Allah, WE WILL FACE THIS TOGETHER.

I'll try, Insya Allah.

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