Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Complaint or accept.

We have forum tonight.

Conducted by PISMP BM Sem 6.

This, it is just a set induction.

I wonder why we tend to complaint.

I wonder why we tend to sigh.

I wonder why.

I'm also like this.

Was, is, and will.

I'm a human too.

Only that, we tend to complaint on small things.

A stupid thing.

About small matter.

I am irritated.

Seriously, I can make this entry a very sadistic one.

But, I meant to write for people.

So that they'll know.

Universal is what I meant.

If you don't get it, think hard.

People, it's okay to complaint.

As long as you don't exaggerate it.

As long as you know the limit.

Why complaint but rarely talk to Allah?

Why not ask from Him the Almighty?

And give efforts in solving?

Maybe, we are far away from Him.

We've fallen deep in darkness.

We've attached to the temporary world.

I, have fall.

I, the one mentioned above.

I, who don't want to solve on my own.

I, who complaint rather than solving.

I, who complaint rather than think the goodness.

I, who complaint and rage against the innocent.

Yes, it's us.

It's just depend on us.

It's just how we perceive things.

If you fell, get up.

If you tripped, stand up.

If you hurt, heal it.

Yet, it's not easy to find the light on your own.

It won't ever easy, but it's not hard.

Because Allah know we can do it.

It's just you, you can choose.

To complaint or to perceive.

Yup, it's just you.

Just one think.

Never jump to conclusion, if the hypothesis is still unclear.

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