Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Being Healthy

Gwiyomi~ Gwiyomi.

Seriously, those who like to do that, and upload on the Youtube, are not very cute.


It's been a long time since I updated my blog.

Well, I want to share a story, how to keep your body healthy and fit all the time.

Many people asked me, "Macam mana ko bulih jadi kecil ni? Apa rahsia? Bagitau ba."

Actually, besides from counting calories, I also keep my BMR high everyday.

That's why I tend to be more active compare to last three years in IPG.

First thing you  should do is set your goal.

Ask yourself, you want to be healthy or just being thin.

Both are two different things.

If you want to be healthy and fit, then being thin is not an option for you.

Be healthy is to lose fat, being thin is to lose weight.

Up until I typed this, my weight has decreased from three figures to less than 80kg.

But, it took about three weeks for me to break my weight plateau (which within the three weeks, my weight didn't decrease at all).

Next, control your meals.

Let me share my personal diet.

I will always eat breakfast, but sometimes I force to skip it, only during holidays and at home.

Why? Because in IPG, they rarely serve white rice on the morning, which I only eat biscuits and drink water, and at home, I tend to wake up late after pray Subuh. (Jangan contohi saya)

Breakfast will keep your metabolism high, because it is a must. Even Rasulullah, when he wanted to fast, he always has something to fill his stomach, because it is sunnah.

Metabolism is just like fuel for car, to keep it on and burning.

Next, I will eat four to five or six times a day.

I will eat every 2-3 or 4 hours. But with small proportions.

For example, before this I used to have a full plate of rice, two 'lauk' and no veggies at all.

Until now, only last Thursday I broke my rules to not to add RICE, because if I already ate half rice, I won't add it anymore.

Okay, my diet now, I eat half rice or a fist of rice, one lauk and sometimes veggies. Actually, you can add more 'lauk' as many as you want, but it will be better for protein-based food such as chicken breast, white meat and other. Veggies are good because it contains fiber, and always makes you full though you eat very little.

Third, before you eat, lie to your stomach.

How? Drink two glasses of water and eat protein. Wait 10-30 minutes if possible, then start eating with small proportion. You will never want to eat a lot if you're full.

Fourth, avoid junk foods and soft drinks from the moment you wanted to be healthy.

This is the toughest part. I admit, I still enjoy junk foods though I only eat less and never buy junk foods anymore (mostly I'll share with friends and families). But for soft drinks, I never want to have it anymore, only if there is no option, which you cannot change soft drinks with mineral water in Pizza. -_-

Still, you can enjoy ice cream, as long as you know how to deal with it.

Fifth, balancing diet.

If you eat a lot during breakfast, you need to eat less during snack time (3-4 hours after breakfast) and during lunch. This is to balance on what you eat so you won't overeat.

Sixth, drink a lot of water.

Whether you go to KFC, restaurant or any outside place to eat, always choose and drink water as your first choice of beverage. Water only makes you full for a short time, it won't make you fat, though if you consume too much sodium, the water will trap inside your body, makes you 'gemuk-air'.

Seventh, be active and keep your metabolism high.

Be active is simple, but keeping your BMR high is not easy.

In order to make your body active, even you aren't exercising every day, you need to make your BMR high.


1. Drink a lot of water. 3 liters of water is recommended.
2. Eat spicy food, but make sure it's not too spicy or you will hurt yourself.
3. Drink coffee without sugar or green tea.
4. Always eat so that your digestion system will always be active (I recommend you to eat every 3-4 hours with small proportion).
5. Make simple exercise.

Actually, overweight people have high BMR than those who are not. This is because they need to burn their calories and fat everytime, though they never lose fat unless they really want to do so.

So, if you are an active type, you must exercise.


Well, just go on, cardio exercise.

Personally, when I started my journey to be healthy, I tend to focus on exercising, cardio exercising to be precised.

Of course, I managed to lose 20 kg in 4 months, but I soon realize I lost some muscles too.

If you over exercising, you will lose muscles rather than fat. In order to avoid that, exercise 20 to 60 minutes.

But now, my way to exercise is a bit different.

Before this, I didn't eat before playing, because only the energies would be burnt, not the fats.

Now I eat before exercising. Still, I eat only biscuit and drink low fat milk, and start muscle training.

Why we need to start with muscle training?

During this training, you won't burn any fat, but you will burn glycogen or calories.

Personally, I will do weight (muscle) training for 30 minutes, before focus on cardio.

If you able to do this, during your cardio exercise, you will definitely burn your fats.

Because you almost use your full energy during weight training, then you only have little energy left, which the liver will produce energy to replace the one that you have used, then after that, you will use energy from fats after 20 minutes of cardio.

I'm not sure if you understand this.

Weight training - glycogen used - cardio until 20 minutes - liver produce new glycogen - after 20 minutes - fats break down into glycogen to give you energy to keep on exercising.

BUT, after an hour, it will use energy from muscle, which you will become weak. So never cardio more than an hour.

Sorry, I don't know how to explain.

That's it. If you want advance type of diet plan of being healthy, count calories.

Sorry if you don't understand my English

Well, hope you know now. If I wrong, correct me. ^_^

P/S - Gambar nanti di upload, selepas berat idaman tercapai.