Saturday, 19 April 2014

GTF - Episode 1


Long time no see.

GTF? What is that?

Get the F?

Get the Fish?

No. It's acronym for Great Teacher Faiz. It should be GMF, Great Mr. Faiz. [Mohon jangan muntah, I am cool].

But better be Teacher.

It's my first practicum, at Sk. Jaya Baru.

Initially, I thought it would be another... well.. I don't know [Actually, aku rasa happy dan excited]. Some seniors said, "you'll be very busy. A LOT."

I accept the challenge.


So my pair and I, Azidah Amir (macam tulis refleksi/report assignment pula) went to the school. Blablabla, greet, meet the mentor kali kedua, jadi bingung seketika, then the PK gave us the jadual.

"I give you 12 periods la ya?" I, silent, my pair, entah apa dia fikir.

Well, challenge accepted, again.

Year 4B and Year 2B.

Then other teachers said, "Ngamlah tu kau dapat 4B dan 2B. Kau memang sesuai."

I feel macam sarcastic berabis, but THEY MEAN IT.


This picture explains everything.

Year 4B, is like a variety of tame dinosaurs. But Year 2B, huh. Mini Jurassic Park. Believe me.

Then I started teaching on Wednesday, well most of them are very low proficiency level. But yeah, need to work very hard to help them.

Initially, I thought 12 periods were too much for me (seriously), because for this semester we only need to teach major subject. But eventually, I realized that I gained A LOT OF EXPERIENCES - teaching LGA, teaching GRAMMAR, teaching P.E (but for P.E subject, non-official punya, sekadar mengganti). Not only that, involved in co-curricular activities - scout, football and English society.

Busy, everyone's busy. But you can't complaint. At least, I can relax for a while. My friends at SJKC schools were facing a lot of problems - strict headmaster, unfriendly teacher, 'T-REX classroom', motivational camp, sports and many more, while I can still enjoy my daily routines. So, I should be grateful.

Then, I entered 2A class - my pair punya class. They are very cute, innocent, but BEWARE.

I admit it, they are cute, innocent but watch out for certain pupils. Believe me.

Then after two weeks with hectic and busy schedule, late sleep at night (most of us sleep at 3am due to the overload work, especially me and my pair), a very unhealthy diet (eat at morning, noon and none at night), couldn't work out properly (still able to play futsal), I can cope with the situation on the third week.

Luckily there's no assignment during our practicum except for one during the first week, but I managed to complete it.

Well, PR1 already done, now it's time for PR2. Hopefully I can do better and hopefully, my students will learn and start to speak English.

Well, anticipate more for next episode. Hehh.

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