Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Being FIT

As I was reading blog Sususejat, I am interested in this method of training.

It's called Tabata method.

The fastest method to lose weight and build up superb stamina.

Well, let us see how this method can be done.

1. Warm up
2. Ultra-intensive sprint (exercise) for 20 seconds
3. Rest phase for for 10 seconds (walk or jog)
4. Repeat 2-4 for eight times.
5. Cooldown.

Total? 4 minutes.

This method, only applicable to those who are extremely fit and have huge lung capacity as well as superb heart. Why?

Try this and you know why. I will try this, insya Allah.

If you can, good. If you don't, stop. Don't hurt yourself.

Since I hate to jog, I may not be able to do this method.

If you are able to jog for 20 minutes and still able to play sports, why don't you try?

Insya Allah, try first, then we know. :)

#Study week ndekk!!!

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