Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Killing Spree; UAK

. . .

UAK, less than 48 hours to go. I guess.

But let's talk about something.

I still had time to play DotA, this time we fought our seniors.

From what I can see, they weren't serious. Yup. It's just because we were totally doomed.

Actually, I was two-hearted to play with my juniors. However, one of them persuaded me to join them.

The first game, that was actually lucky. Since I was using AA, which I swapped with the leader.

I was happy to get a killing spree, although it's just a fun game.

Second game, I thought that I could use a support hero, Chen. But the leader insist me to use Ursa as he was tanky. Although he is not a tanker.

Third game, I was forced to use Admiral. Seriously.

Now then, for the analysis. I admit that I was very afraid to farm, but then it's just not me.

I was the support, for two games. I had to buy courier for my own team with no one care about it. Seriously.

Actually, the main reason we lost 'killing spree' is because we focused to defend, rather than attacking.

Another reason, lack of cooperation.

We were focusing to farm and level rather than to cooperate with each other.

Still, it was my first game with the seniors, and I thought I could watch the replay and overcome my weaknesses.

However, it's no use if you had poor teammates.

That's why I refused to do so, although I eventually played. This is because most of my teammates, except for the captain (I think) were not familiar in using heroes selected. I could use most of them, although it was my first attempt, the only first attempt hero I have ever used and could kill was Necrolyte <-- with no practice at all!

That's different game. But for just now, I knew that we wouldn't stand a chance, but we fight too. Just for kill.

At least I had kills. The most was six.

Heh. I think I just need to practice more. I can develop my own team, but I rather to not making DotA as my priority.

Back to UAK, it will be on Wednesday afternoon. Two subjects.

I'm actually worried about both literasi subject. Since my skill in calculating already 'berkarat', while I can't expect what questions would be asked in literasi bahasa.

But, that doesn't mean I won't read. I will read notes from websites, as well as discussing with my members.

Now only left is my exam. Since I've already deleted my FB, I won't be bothered of the notications.

The only thing to do is to left my addictive towards gaming. Arggh!!!!!!!!!!

This time, I really need motivation.

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