Tuesday, 16 October 2012


29/10 - LGA 3101
2/11 - EDU 3103
3/11 - TSL 3103
4/11 - TSL 3104

Finally, I've found the schedule for exam. When I looked at IPKS, they still haven't update it. I decided to search at different sites of IPG.

Oh, for the IPG students looking for the schedule, here is the link. JADUAL.

If you couldn't open it, tell me. I will help you.

I never expect that our major papers will be on the three beautiful days of the seven days, friday, saturday and sunday. But I'm not shocked at all, maybe I am used to it.

Three major papers for three consecutive days, I definitely will focus on them, and will only study LGA a few days before the exam. It is because LGA is easier than the major papers which I haven't start TSL subjects revision.

There is one thing realize me. Most of our exam, ever since PPISMP Sem 3, our batch or specifically our option is the only option that finish exam quickly. I will pack early my things, and I will play DotA to the fullest!

Don't worry, I'm just joking.

I should focus more on study, since the tournament last tonight. I will fight with my best overcome my rival.

We never win against them, except for once. I managed to dominating the game with Alleria, and I managed to buy divine rapier. Maybe because the captain was a KPLI chinese student, which he is very good in DotA.

Well, that's all. Let me know if you have problem with the link above, I'll try to fix it.

Oh yeah, the schedule is 1Malaysia.

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