Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Experience is important, fun is the best.


After waiting for a week, burden finally released.

We were having a DotA tournament just now, and our team was against Science Team.

Well, we never expected them to use such strategy. I mean Axe, Ursa, Abaddon, Venomancer and Tuskarr, while we used Skeleton King, Sven, VS, Jakiro and Barathum.

Why we never expect? Because we thought they would use strategy that I could predict, but tanks vs a tank, initiator, support and killers? Of course, they've won.

Well, it's not much different. For our first competitive game, we managed to pressure them, seriously. If I knew that our final ban would be on abaddon, we would have a great advantage against them.

48 to 42 kills, not much difference. Compare to previous game we had played, we never achieve this, it means we are growing stronger.

Well, if we used Obsidian Destroyer, the game might be different and we might face TheNoob.

It wasn't easy game, for me to be able to analyze after watching the replay. From what I observed, they never ambushed us, never attempt to attack us first. Only we the one who initiate the fight.

Small mistake was occurred during our final chance, we were down from 5v5 to 4v5. That's why we lost.

But still, it was my very first and my precious experience. If there is next time, I definitely will overcome them with my team.

Tomorrow our match would be on loser slot, where we will fight against my own batch (our team, is the only team has mixed batch with me the loner from the second semester along with my senior and super junior, with three from junior). This time, I won't be playing, as I want to be an observer, so that I will know their strategy for the next time we fight them.

It won't be easy, they are tough though they lost to TheNoob. However, we won't give up until we fight.

My hero was Sven. That was my first debut at DotA tournament using Sven, which I had used him when my first match with human players. Though both match ended with lost, but I could see the difference between old and new me. I hope that I can improve more on certain. And yet, I still far from become a good captain. I know that I should listen to my teammates more.

That's it, after this tournament, good bye DotA. It's time for the real tournament, EXAM!!!!

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