Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Oh, UAK is less than 24 hours. Heh.

Insya Allah I will study.

During EDU class, my lecturer told us about motivation.

She gave us an anology.

"If I want to move this thing (in front of her), to there (at the edge of the table), how would I do it?"

Most of us gave the same answer. I was just observing and tried to think hard what did she want to tell us.

If you were asked the same thing, what would be your answer?

Yeah. It's not easy to go through someone's mind. I couldn't think more than that.

"The answer is correct. But actually, I want someone to SHOW ME how to do it."

She meant, the action must be done.

The same situation I had faced, but I forgot during the class.

"Put the paper ball inside, until your mouth full with it. Tell me, how to get the paper ball out from your mouth."

"Use hand and get it out."

"But how?!!!"

"We, can talk much. Rarely our action speaks louder than words. We can say, but can we do it?"

Yeah. That was a very good memory.

What I want to tell all of you is motivation.

Sometimes we're motivated enough to do something, and sometimes we won't.

And most of the time, we're motivated because of external factors, rarely internal.

But still, it can be called motivation.

No matter what you do, motivate yourself though no one will give you motivation. Allah, is the best companion for a human.

It's not easy to motivate someone, yet you need to show them so that they will be motivated enough to achieve something.

But it's not that hard, if you know your target. Don't worry, focus.

Let me share you one more story.

There was a boy, who had just finished his big exam. Rather than spending his time at home doing nothing (mostly sleeping), he was forced by his father to come to mosque.

The boy gave excuse, "Isn't just the same for us to pray at home berjemaah, rather than going to mosque?"

His father replied "It's not. For a man, we're almost compulsory as Rasulullah told to do so."

And the boy still unable to accept it, yet he still followed his father's words.

Day by day, the boy started to like it. The boy started to enjoy to go to mosque. Especially when there was a tazkirah.

After getting his license, he's driving to mosque, by himself.

The boy realized that it's a wonderful thing to pray at mosque rather than alone at home. He would never miss, even the dawn prayer.

Yet there will be sometimes he missed berjemaah, although it was not too much.

Actually, it was much better than his past, which he always missed to do so most of it.

One day, as usual, he went to mosque. That time, a tazkirah was given by an ustaz.

"Actually, there are some signs on which our taubat is accepted by Allah. If we realized our changes, which the change from bad to good, that's the sign that our taubat is accepted by Him. Look at ourselves, if at the past we were bad, but today, we always come to pray at mosque, asking His forgiveness, and already left our bad sins, it means that our taubat is accepted by Him. Alhamdulillah."

The boy, who listened to the ustaz, cried silently. As he went back home, he was thinking about the words. He cried. For the incoming days, he determined to not to miss to perform solat anymore, because that was the biggest bad sins he had ever done during his black past, which he didn't want to repeat it again until he dies.

Well that's a story. It inspires me to do the same as him, but still, I also need motivation like him. For you, no matter how bad you are, no matter what sins you did, no matter how many times you left solat, as long as you know to correct, taubat and ask His forgiveness, avoid doing the sins, Allah will always accept your taubat. Insya Allah.

That's why, if someone wants to change, never judge and be "sinis" (I don't know the English word) them, but guide them. This will motivate them more. Insya Allah.

No matter what we do, always realize that Allah is with us. Motivate ourselves to do something and focus.

Let's study! Yeah!

P/S - Addictive towards game reduced to 70%.

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