Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Temptation vs Study

If not thinking about upcoming exam, I would play about 5 games until now.

However, despite the temptation, I almost played the game at afternoon. But, due to the stupid WarKey and system complication ( I copied the game from a friend), I was not in mood to play it.

Why? The warkey and skills hotkey are stupid, conflict to each other. Well, I just have to copy the original (clean and light version) from my home laptop, as it is the good one.

Still, hearing from the other room "KILLING SPREE", I was screaming inside. Damn you DotA!!

Although the map is released, but still no development about AI. Through AI, I practice using heroes, which my target heroes after exam are Invoker, Enchantress, Holy Knight, Witch Doctor, Necrolic, Warlock, Jakiro. Others like Dazzle, CM, VS, SF, Veno, Ogre, and killer heroes I have learned to use them. Oh yes, I managed to have fun with Dazzle when we fought against seniors. Hehe.

Okay back to the reality. I was tempted to play DotA during this hour, but I keep telling myself that I WILL PLAY DOTA AT NOON OF 4TH NOVEMBER. As soon after my exam is finished. Hehehe.

Studying P&P is very hard, yet easy to understand. All I have to know is about transcription, some concepts and the rules. Yeah, this is a sadistic killer paper. Compare to Methodology, which I already have the picture of exam, I might be able to shoot a good question. Hehehe.

However, EDU is not a tough paper yet could kill me, while LGA might haunt me if I aim inaccurately. Well, both of these are very scary if I do not study. Hehee.

Day after tomorrow, I will be heading home for Idul Adha. Sorry, friends for not being able to celebrate together at IPG, as my only brother and sister are coming home. Hehe. I miss them you know, especially my sister. Though we always quarrel, but we are used to it. Hehehe.

For my brother? Well, I would ask him to buy FIFA for me! Hehehe.

The game seriously.

Then, insya Allah I will be back on Saturday. Why not Sunday? So that I will study. I know that at home, I will not be able to study due to internet and food temptation. Lucky us, we don't eat meat (I am forbid to eat due to my health condition). But seriously, free foods? Heh. Save my money.

Then my LGA paper on 29th. Hoooo. After that, there are 3 days before 3 killer papers in three consecutive days. However my weakness is, I tend to not study after the second final paper. I will end up with movies of playing games afterwards. I hope that I will able to hold much longer.

It's just me. I hope I can.

Well readers, I want to study a few things about P&P before heading to bed. Seriously I am sleepy (a little) since I only slept half an hour at noon.

Hey you, please study. ^_^

P/S - The only way to get rid of DotA/Movies/Korea temptation is to delete or hide them. Seriously.

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