Sunday, 21 October 2012

A week before final

A week before exam.

Am I nervous? Yup.

Reasons? I think this semester is my craziest semester.

Why? I was involved in DotA tournament, DotA match, DotA friendlies, DotA practice, and it's all about DotA.

And why the heck IF released 2 new maps a few weeks before the examination start.

Seriously, go to PlayDotA to check the latest map (6.76).

Study is still my priority. Although it is a week left, it doesn't mean you can't start study.

Those who are able to study at the very last minute, well, good luck.

To think about the exam, I wonder what will the questions be, for my first paper.

The next papers are on three days consecutively. Oh, sorry my bad English.

I'll study hard, insya Allah. I've found a piece of paper about tips on last minute studying.

The paper was distributed during my foundation years, when I read it, I know that I still have the chance to overcome.

I hope that DotA addiction will finally over after the tournament, yet on the next day, we went to fight seniors - 4 games - and we won only one game.

Well, I just managed to be a killer, third place for first and second game, on top when we won the third, and the lowest when we lost again.

Okay, exam. I'll own you. Insya Allah.

Am I ready? I am, but I'm not confident enough. Only to Him I seek help.

Remember, though it is a last minute effort, it is how you put your effort, not when do you put it.

Deep right? Yeah. Let's study.

I won't touch YOU ANYMORE!!

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