Friday, 30 March 2012

March, farewell.


It's been a while, since my last English entry. Hehehe.

Well, it's not that I am super-duper busy, actually I become busy because of BIG F1. Ohoo. Our first BIG, 30th March to 2nd April. Where? Borneo Paradise. What I love about it, SEA!!!!!!!!

I'm in the group with my classmates and coursemate - Resalonica, Hasliana, Halberth, Chung, former classmates - Farid, Nerry, Patima and PSV - Joel, Valerie, Heidi. Our group name is starfish. I don't know why did they choose the name but I like it. Reminds me of Patrick in Spongebob.

Angry PatrickBob?

Seriously, the only members that has been in the same group with me since I came here are si bikin panas yang tidak pandai sebut PaE - Nerry and Valerie. Initially, I thought that I would not get along easy with them - other members. Well, I'm a shy person anyway. I admit I'm wrong. <-- These sentences could be in reflection. Kehkeh.

Flag is done, vision is done, mission is done, our 'yell' is done, performance Hehe. Let it be a secret regarding this performance.

All left to do is, put our belongings into the bus. Seriously, I have to wait about half an hour to get my clothes wash, or else I don't have shirt for BIG. Lalalala.

Move on, about today. Seriously I love today and yesterday. For some reasons, I feel relieve that no more assignments except for PBS and BIG. Oh, and Pengurusan Kokum.

Still, yesterday, was my classmate, my friend birthday. Yup, he is like a brother to me, sometimes tembirang ni. Kehkehkeh. And also, at class, I played DotA and managed to get two win!! Kehkeh. Oh yeah.

Today, 30th March, Friday. I love Friday, because prayer and Friday is the best day among the seven days. Also, class end early. Kehkeh.

Still, 30th of March is special for another friend. I don't think she'll read this but, Sanah Helwah teacher. Hehe. Insya Allah, we'll meet next time on holidays....or maybe next week? Kehkehkeh.

Well, I think that's all about now, until we see the first entry of April. I won't talk about 1st of April, but I'll repost my entry regarding the first of April. People, please read that.

When people around me happy, I'm happy. Starfish members, this is I made for you.

Strong to face challenges
Teamwork is vital
Anything is possible
Reach our goals together

Failure won't stop us
Impossible is nothing
Stay strong and firm
Hardworking is what we need

Good night, let us rock the world at Borneo Paradise!!!

Pae - Cuci kain dulu~~~~

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