Friday, 9 March 2012

SBE III part 2 & SBE IV

The fourth day.

SBE III part 2? Nothing much to state here. Well let's continue to part IV.

My fourth day, I had a class at 8 am. They were having test so I was the one who in charged in the test.

* * * * * *

Pae - Kamu ready suda ka mau jawab ni?
Murid (low) - Sudah~~~
Pae - Cikgu bagilah aa ni kertas soalan. Buat betul-betul. Jangan meniru ya. Cikgu tak nampak, tapi Tuhan nampak. Takutlah kamu pada Tuhan.

* * * * * *

We must remind them to not to cheat. So that in real examination, they will always know that Allah is watching all of us.

Still, they were attempting to cheat.  Hehe. It was funny to look at them. I just stared at them until they realised that I was watching. Then they were pretending to do their work.

Apa kes cikgu ni gambar-gambar. Malulah i. Kikiki.
I collected the papers back when time's up. But there was one student who still not finish yet. I waited patiently, I wanted to help but what could I do. Hehe.

I spent my time more on teacher's lounge hanging out with other teachers. Hehe. Macam geng karas suda ni kunun.

After that, I went to interview GB. Alhamdulillah, he gave me a lot of information about his tasks and school.

I went to special education class. Hee. This was one of the best moment I have ever had during SBE.

I talked to the assistant of S.E class. She said that these kids require us to be patient to handle them.

They are special. :)
Seriously, I am grateful to Allah because I'm not like them. However, to teach them, you need to be patient and wholehearted so that they'll be good people in the future. They are fun and good actually. Ups, a girl back there was shy because they are not used to be in front of camera. Or she was shy because of me? Hah!

I entered their class and it was interesting to see. Most of them suffer from autism and slow learner. Slow learner maybe better that others but, they are special. Need a lot of attention.

Mr. Pae, you're the best!
 Cute, isn't he? He suffered from mental retard. Okeh la. Terencat akal in BM. (I can't translate it)

It's tough to be in this class, especially teaching them. However, they are also normal like us. Never isolate them in society.

That's my SBE IV. Last day will be friday. Huu. I will miss them a lot. Hehe. Although I want holidays right now. Ahah.

Well, my last day of SBE, will be updated A.S.A.P.

Pae - Dear 'anda', how's your SBE? ^_^

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