Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Second Half.


I was stressed playing DotA.


Alhamdulillah, I'm still breathing until now.

Second half.. what do you think?

Football? Basketball? Baseball?

Not related to sports after all.

It is about semester, our first semester for this year.

It is already second half, and it's already 20 March!!

Btw, let me take the chance to wish my coursemates (sorry, I like to use course instead of class), Annette Shizu a.k.a Ajumma and Alex happy bestday. Sorry folks, no present for you.

I read my friend status, our BIG will be held on 30th March, I'm in the same group with people, not animals. Hehehe.

That's one event. Another event? Ohhh, our SBE report. Seriously I haven't done anything about this, as well as linguistics assignment.

What did I do on holidays? Holidays! What else? Hehe.

Still, I will set my gear up to five to finish this. I'm grateful to Allah because before SBE, we managed to kill about 6 courseworks. Now, only left with two (I think so). Excluding the quiz, yup, only two - I don't know if BIG have coursework too.

Nearly the end of March. April is waiting. What's on April? UAK. Then the real examination. Huuuu.

For semester five, good luck with your practicum, your first practicum. :)

Today's lecturer, the only thing attracted me was Child Development, regarding stress.

Most people will face this kind of situation. Yup, MOST PEOPLE.

Why I used MOST there? For those who are obey to Allah, who believe his or her life and soul are in Allah's hand, they never face it. Believe me.

Stress can be handled, if we know how but not everyone can do it, including me.

If we stress, remember Allah. Insya Allah, we'll be fine. :)

If you spend five minutes to pray, you won't lose anything, you will feel alright. Seriously. So never forget and always take care of 'solat'.

I'll update more A.S.A.P.

Night folks.

Pae - It's still not too late.....

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