Sunday, 4 March 2012



Well. March 4. Heh. It's been a while, since I wrote in English.

Current location, I'm at Kuala Penyu. Why? I will go for SBE for a week.

I can't keep myself from thinking about SBE. Well, of course this is my first time, I am nervous, seriously.

If I do my SBE in Keningau, it will be advantage for me because it is my hometown so I don't have any problems for transport. However, here, my aunt will be the one who drive as she is teaching at my SBE school. Alhamdulillah.

I imagine myself meet the principal, talk and talk and talk. Collaborate with other teachers, watching them, FPK, argh! I don't know if I can make through this.

However, when I looked on senior SBE portfolio - guess who - I speak to myself, "Allah will always beside me. Allah will help. Progression will be eased."

I already have the overview on what will I do during SBE. I'll refer to the portfolio. Hehe. Nice work there seniorita - girl's portfolio.

However, I'm still nervous because we don't know what might happen during SBE but insya Allah, I will overcome this.

I will prepare as much as I can so that I don't have to rush in a very last minute. Questions, collaboration form, anything related so that I will be able to finish this task.

I once regretted on the place I have chosen but I denied it. It's my choice and I know, Allah will ease this. Insya Allah.

Mostly, if we feel nervous when facing something, in the end we will be alright and happy. However, if we feel okay and cool, in the end we will be panic. Well, I don't know, Allah knows.

Okay! That's related to SBE. I don't know what to type anymore, so let me conclude this. I am sleepy and want to sleep. Night-night everyone. Haha.

Pae - SBE oh SBE! After this, holiday!

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