Monday, 5 March 2012



Well, my first day of SBE, what could I say?

I faced it very well, extremely well. O Allah. Thank You for eased me today, as well as my friends.

In the morning, I woke up early, perform solah. Then, like IPG's life but this is different.

Why? I feel like a school student who wants to go to school. Nevermind.

My aunt drove me, fetch two kids who went to the same school.

When I was about to report myself to principal, PK 1 brought me to see him.

When I saw his face, it's reminded me of my lecturer. Hehe.

He is very nice (usage of 'is' because I will still face him until friday). Seriously.

You know that BIG PEOPLE, most of them don't talk or socialize - what word did I use - with their employees.

This? Not only employees, though I'm not one of the official teachers there, I was treated like an adult.

I feel extremely happy.

Not only that, I suppose to seek for help, but they're the one who offer me helps.

I joined their assembly. I suppose, I haven't attend any school students assembly since 2009. Haha.

The students are not too much, 207 if I'm not mistaken. Surprise? You don't see the school, it was big. Way  too big than my high school. The class is one for each standard. It means, there are 6 class for 6 standards, excluding special class and preschool class.

Teachers only 34. The most interesting part, students suppose to stand up, but this, they are sitting down on the floor.

Hehe. I can't keep myself from smiling looking at them. I remembered most of my memories in schools.

Ahh, I'm getting old. Hahaha.

Still, I was shocked of a student. Why? She was able to react like an adult.

Guess what, she will be 13 next year. That's why.

After assembly, I reported myself to principal. He showed me where my place is. Heh. I never asked, but alhamdulillah.

I also met my junior's mother. Wow, it was nice to meet her. Hehe.

I began my work, looking materials, taking pictures. I remembered Fattabouni's tazkirah last night, always smile. Whenever I see people, I'll smile, even if it's only a student.

Maybe it's my charm? Who knows. Kekekeke.

I interview PK HEM - junior's mother - asked her what PK HEM does. She told me this, that, gave me list of tasks. I guess, PK HEM role is not only on discipline, but in every aspect.

I went again and again and look for materials. I remembered a friend message, "Jangan buat pelajar jatuh cinta!" Crazy, Chee Sin. I'm an old person. White hair, little chubby - okay FAT! - and not handsome. In fact, they are all still setahun jagung. Haha.

I then found 'Bilik Rawatan'. Maybe I can include this in my report. So I interviewed teacher's there. It is my first time to speak bravely, to ask bravely, to inquire bravely. I have changed, a lot.

Then, I stranded alone in teacher's lounge - they don't call it room. On my temporary table. I faced laptop, and started to type about HEM's tasks.

I wrote action plan for tomorrow. Hehe. Action plan. Then did my own work. What did I do?

Facebook and blog. Read my last entry on today in BM.

However, I was informed that they were having meeting at one. I guess I could wait but....oh! They finished 2.30 pm. I was....hungry. Never mind. They offered me lunch. I ate. Haha.

That was my first day of SBE. Still, I wanted to finish it early. Next SBE, I will choose Beluran, or become crazy by going to Ranau. If I could. Hehe. Beluran? My brother is there. Ranau? Mount Kinabalu and Kundasang. Coolness is what we are!

Stop here. This is only first day. Next day, I will meet - insya Allah - PK 1, PK Kokum, ask for entering class. Hehe.

Well, have a nice day people!

This is it.

Pae - Nervousness is just an illusion. Alhamdulillah, thanks for ease our progression today O Allah!

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