Sunday, 4 March 2012


What I feel right now?


Heh. Seriously I am.

However, when I think of it, this is 'dunia'. Only face a small situation. That's all.

We don't know situation at 'akhirat'. Not only that, we don't even know what kind of situation we'll face in our own grave!

I think deeply, yes. The only one we should fear is ALLAH S.W.T. We can only rely on Allah. Insya Allah, we will be helped by Him.

When I think about this, I shouldn't feel nervous. It's okay to feel a little but believe that Allah will always there for us. Pray to Him. That, will relieve all the nervousness that we have inside us.

I've read a friend of mine blog. She also feel nervous. Still, she's lucky because she has friends - same campus - at there. Me? Heh. I don't know if I have friends there - from other campus - but AFAIK, I am the only one - from my campus - who do SBE there. Heh. Well, I'm not alone. Allah always beside me and all of us. Hehe.

I believe that everyone - PISMP 2012 - feel nervous to face our first SBE. Another reason to not to feel nervous, THIS ISN'T OUR PRACTICUM! Haha.

Well, this is my pre-sbe II. Just want you guys to know situation. Heh. Insya Allah, I'll update my blog about SBE for this week and be prepared. It will be in English!

Problem I face, I don't have digital cameras for photoshoot. Ces, sorry. For taking pictures. Another? I will have to photocopy all types of important documents that needed for SBE - reflections, collaborations.

Pray for us dear readers so that we will be okay. Insya Allah.

Pae - Allah is the only one and only place for us to seek for help. Let us pray to Him.

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