Monday, 9 April 2012

Knowing The Truth


It's been a while.

*Sweeping dust on my blog.


Hello people.

It's been a while.

Well, what do I want to write here?

Oh yes, three things, our BIG already over. We get book voucher, then, PBS task kill me. Need to send it today yet I'm still updating my blog here.

It's been a while now.

Last week challenged my heart.

But I already set my mind, I wasn't going to fall for the hundred time.

Exaggerating. Kehkehkeh.

I would like to talk about feelings, which I already stated in my previous entry. Look for yourself, the popular post.

Knowing the truth, I smiled awkwardly.

Knowing the truth, seriously my heart broke...naaah. Never feel that anymore.

Knowing the truth, made me slept. I woke up, yeah, I accept it.

For some reasons, I already tired to 'layan' sadness.

I already tired, and so do you.

Knowing the truth made me lost my trust on someone.

Yet I never hate the person, just dislike.

Knowing the truth, I want to get married.

Seriously, this entry is beyond madness.

Okay, assignment, let me kill you until we both fall asleep.

Pae - Hey you. Thank you for being nice, accepting what had I gave to you. ^_^

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