Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ngo-blog VIII - Something bad have goodness behind it


Alhamdulillah, I am still alive today. ^_^

Now let's just me tell story. Well actually, you know if the title is about ngo-blog, it will always be my story.

For three days, insya Allah, in row, I always outing. First day was Monday. I went to clinic, due to stomach ache.

Seriously, that time, I was in pain, so I decided to see a doctor, with His will, alhamdulillah, I can eat a lot now. Kehkehkeh.

Second day, my dear lappy, seriously. It need to be formatted, oh it's been a while since I bought that thing.

Yesterday, I had a talk with a friend. Yup a talk. This person asked me if I was angry at them, well, I couldn't tell lies. I told everything.

The great weakness of mine is I like to hope too much on someone, due to I always trust people around me, except those who like to joke all times.

Seriously, I don't know why I always put too much hope, and it's all about love. Oh, damn. Now when people talk about marriage, I prefer to be silent. It would be lies if I say I don't want to get married, seriously. I do, but it's time for me to stop talking about that. Let just be silent.

I just hope that I want to meet her so that we can solve the 'conflict' between us. Still, I don't have to face her. Come on, there are a lot of social networks in the world. Kehkeh.

So, that's just it. I believe to Allah, something that hurt me, will bring goodness to me. He never meant to hurt, He wants to give us a better one. Insya Allah.

Ahah, back to the laptop, after left it on the store, I went to a bookstore. This was my happiest time. I found a lot of books, too many, and if I have 1000 book vouchers, I would buy a rack of the books. Hohohoh.

I bought three, which I already used RM100 to buy it. Khalifah-khalifah yang benar - my bro did buy this, still I like to have one for myself. Perang Khandaq - Oh yeah, and Aisyah Ummul Mukminin. About Aisyah, it's not a story-type one. It's about facts, explanation, details. Last night when I read this, I felt asleep, I was sleepy, not because of the boring.

Whenever I feel sad, I always read book. Whenever I bored, books become my friend. Whenever I buy a new book, I prefer to abandon my laptop just to read the book. Yup, I am worm book (ulat buku). I just like to read books. So future wife, if you see me always spend my time reading book and sometimes I 'terabai' you for a while, do forgive me. I just like to read. Hehe.

I also read a book from friend where this guy promote me with this book, comparison between Christianity and Islam. It's story type but I believed it's a true story. When I read this, I know a lot about Christianity and Islam. I never mean to flare you my dear non-muslim friends, I just want to show you an informative book that might attract you. ^_^

Well to you, I just want to advice. Pray to Allah, talk to Allah, confess to Allah, perform solat, then talk to someone you trust the most. Insya Allah, Allah will help you in many ways. Anger never solve problems, even Rasulullah had said, the strongest man ( person) is the one who is able to control his anger. This is hadith sahih from Bukhari if I'm not mistaken. Search yourself.

Okay, today I will buy another book. Perang Badar, and my dear lappy, I will take you home.

Pae - Dear you, forgive me for my mistakes. Dear you, please control your anger, pray to Allah. Dear you, please take care of your iman and ibadah. Dear you....I don't have much to write since both you and I never know each other. :P

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