Friday, 15 February 2013

Opinion and Ideas

Once a person talked to me, it was on Thursday (Friday nite for Muslim).

"Why don't you read Yassin? Is it because ustaz doesn't read so you just follow him?" he asked me.

"Not really. Actually, I found it weird why we need to read Yassin during that time. Soon, I found out the real hadith that it is sunnah to read al-Kahfi." I replied. Yes, I rarely or you can say I'm not joining read Yassin together but I respect them for reading one of the surah of Quran.

Then he asked me the history of reading Yassin, which I say no. (I will always say no if I really don't know.)

I listened to him, for me, he is one great friend. He is better than I am.

He also told me about an uncle, who determined to read al-Kahfi although that uncle was very slow (at his, they read al-Kahfi).

I was impressed and felt guilty. I know it is sunnah, but I rarely do it.

Then he told me about reciting du'a with sunnah (baca doa yang nabi baca).

For me, it's okay you know. It's okay to du'a what you want or follow Rasulullah's sunnah (recite his du'a).

Actually, just make it simple. We often hear that every time we finish pray jemaah, imaam will du'a (sorry, I can't really differentiate between Rasulullah's du'a and our style of pray).

Mostly, yes. Imaam will du'a his own way.

Still, don't complicate matters. Allah stated in quran that He will give what we want, what we ask from him.

"When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed (close to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let then also , with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in me: That they may walk in the right way". Baqarah 186.

Yeah. We can ask anything from Him, the good one of course, but we must obey Him. Insya Allah.

I respect this friend's opinion, but I disrespect of those who don't listen to others.

If you unable to follow all Rasulullah's sunnah, follow one or two or more but make sure you are consistent.

So, whether you want to du'a like Rasulullah or ask what you want from Him. Both are okay, because Allah listens to every du'a.

Now, most people like to attack this particular..err..mazhab, which everyone knows as Wahabbi.

My ustaz was asked this question, "what is your opinion about Wahabbi?"

He smiles, he says why don't we visit their site (wahabbi's site).

I'm not saying Wahabbi is right or wrong, because ideas differ, we need to respect them.

Unless, you have proof about them saying this and that..all I know they say.."Wahabbi mengharamkan Qunut ketika Subuh! Mengharamkan zikir beramai-ramai selepas solat."


But I remember in H.A's book, Fanzuru.

His lecturer says about Syiah (this is extreme).

"In Syiah, there might be differences too, they could be same as us, but differ."

A bit like that.

We...accept things bulat-bulat, but rarely think behind of it.

It's just like walking into a tunnel. All we see is the light at the end of it, but we never think what things wait for us beyond it.

Think people. Don't get too emotional just because differ in ideas. If you find out something wrong, refer to Quran and sunnah, with His help, and make sure you ASK!

#My opinion, people. Don't let this small matter for them to laugh at us.

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