Friday, 15 February 2013

Manage Well

I am very interested in cars, especially sport cars.

For example, BMW. Ever since I played NFSMW, I want to buy BMW M3 one day, if I can.

Yup. This is it.

However, since I'm still studying, I couldn't do so much to afford this.

My Reddy, the red car which I always drive, needs treatment.


What kind of treatment? Too many. Overhaul (I planned to overhaul, not top overhaul), repaint and tinted.

Still, the bumper is the vital thing for me to solve it.

It is because our SBE will be on 18th of March, I really need a car to drive to school.

Yeah, I have to use my own money to do so, because my parents have to use their own for family.

Still, only change certain part like front bumper. Yeah, I wonder how does the front bumper fell off (lain kali serik sudah mahu kasi sewa ni kereta).

Clutch cover needs to be changed too. After that, it's all about tinted.

But, I need to hold it first, because scout's clothes belum siap lagi seluarnya. The cost might be rm200 something. So I need to manage my money very well.

Then BIG and trip for this semester, luckily it's not that expensive though I want to go out from this state. Maybe Allah wants us to manage our money so that we only go to somewhere around this world. Heh.

Well, I don't know what to say. Assignments are waiting, there are five and only one yet to be given. One of them needs to be submitted after holiday, which I may ask for extension (not that I haven't started, but I really need time to design).

Despite all of these, I must focus on myself, health and imaan. My gaming activity, alhamdulillah it's already decrease since the start of 2013 to which I only played DmC Devil May Cry and FiFA 13 (but stop FiFa because of long season as manager).

Well, enjoy our holiday at the very last moment, because after this, I will focus on microteaching.

To teach people, to be a teacher, learn educational purposes, and anything related to TEACHER.

Sorry for my English. I guess I only improve a bit, but better than nothing. :)

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