Monday, 26 November 2012

Art Of Flirt

Assalamualaikum/Selam Aleykum.

Heh. I saw many people especially guys who really like to flirt a girl, just because of her looks.

Well, typically, they will try to tackle by chatting them on FB, be friends with them, making jokes that are not funny and many more. Heh.

That's typical, in FB they will say like this....

If someone posts about his/her current situation/hobbies/interests, they will say "samalah!"

Another one? During online.

"Buat apa tu? Dah makan? Tinggal dekat mana?"

Yeah typical. Why do I know?

I found them when my FB's friends are still 1k.

Let me teach you the arts of flirting. Please take note that this is a very serious matter.

1. Prepare yourself to be a good person

Always improve your knowledge in everything, especially in 'agama'. Why? This will help you to know which is right and wrong, and this is important for every one of us. Of course, this will also help you to guide the one when it is the time to do so.

2. Improve yourself

Improve what? Everything, overcome your weaknesses. It's very crucial you know. Shift yourself from become bad to good. Yesterday, you wore short pants when you play futsal, today, improve yourself by wearing long tracksuit or tights. Aren't you improving? Yes!!

If today, you only read a page of Quran, the next day, you will end with a Juzuk of Quran. Isn't that improving? Yup.

Always improve yourself, no matter what. Also, improve your akhlak. People like the one with a very good akhlak.

3. Know your target

This is very crucial. Why? So that whenever you see someone attractive, you won't be crazy to flirt him/her. Loyalty is the best, never betray the love, especially The Almighty.

4. Don't be too obvious

This is my worst weakness. Whenever I fall in love with a girl, I would be too obvious until someone will tell the girl. Damn.

If you love someone, keep it to your heart, pray to Allah, follow the steps that I've mentioned.

5. Know his/her family

Why? For a guy, this is very crucial. Simple words for every guys.

'FLIRT' HER FATHER. What I mean flirt here is make her parents to have trust in you.

Why? You can only get married with her when her father agrees with you. Seriously.

6. Have a good financial

How can you flirt someone if you don't have good financial for your better life? Heh.

7. Tawakkal to Allah, do the best.

Yeah. This is the final step. After everything is planned, never forget to pray, we can plan. but Allah will decide. Don't worry, if you don't get the one that you want, you will get the one that you need. Insya Allah. Allah knows the best for us, if you are not married at the world, you will get a beautiful angel at Jannah. Insya Allah.

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