Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Move Along

People, if you can't bear the pain inside you, let it out.
Sometimes, even a strong person cry, because that person never feel the pain before.
However, Allah is always by our side.
He won't let us feel sad, as a good thing will come afterwards.
He never promise life will be easy, but He does promise that He will help us, as long as we obey to him.

When you cry about your pasts, it's okay.
But if you cry about your sins, that's the best.
Pray to Allah to be strong.

If you're hurt, don't worry.
The remedies will come afterwards, whether instantly, nearly or in the future.

Memories always make us stronger.
In the end, you will be fine, and just move along to face the pain.
Pain doesn't last longer, remedies heal forever.

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