Friday, 23 November 2012


Hmm.. It's been a while.

Hello folks. How are you?

Last year, on the final semester break (2011), I started to have interest in Korean show, dramas and movies.

The title of my first Korean Show was Heroes = Yangul, but the show already ended due to low rating I guess.

And that's how I know about K-pop like T-Ara, After School, IU and other celebrities as well.

Seriously, it happens again this year.

Maybe I was too late, but I started watching Running Man!

It was last weekend before the previous weekend, where my brothers and I watched it, episode 118, I guess.

Since then, I downloaded the first episode from YouTube, yeah. I was laughing, yet I had a hard time to look for HD videos.

Seriously, I hate those kinds 360p only. So I copied most of them from my brother, and from my friend. I also downloaded the latest one, but still it's not HD, and I haven't watch it yet.

After copied, I renamed the files. Why?

I hate to see not-the-same title for each episode. You know what I mean?

First episode, Running Man ep1 (guests names). Second episode, RM ep2.

I was annoyed. My friend called this type of person, perfectionist.

It means, everything has to be done perfectly without any single error/fail/mistake.

But I apply it only on the game. In real, I apply it when I organize my room, files in laptop, the titles, and many more

Seriously, now I have watched 58 (including the one that I watched with my brothers).

I like this, but seriously when Lizzy (OK) was out from permanent member, I felt a bit disappointed.

Heh. I talk about Korea, seriously.

For the remaining days, I've done something that change myself.

Heh. Now in a month, or should I say before the term start, I need to lose 20kg.

But it's very difficult to do so. Now I only have to eat once per day. Seriously, for heavy foods.

For simple foods, I will try to keep control my lust. Since I always watch RM, I'm not easily hungry.

Alright, that's for now. I need to face the days with strength, heh.

But for the game, I still haven't play NFS:MW. Now both CODBO and AC3 already out, I have tasks to do.

Download the game!!!!

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