Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Macbeth & ELC Fever.

Famous line of Macbeth......

"Splendid! Hahahahaha!" - King Duncan

"I've never seen a day, so foul and fair." - Macbeth

"Oh my god! That fashion was so yesterday. And beards? That's a fashion disaster! Even Lady Gaga wouldn't approve!" - Banquo

"Speak! Who are you?" - Macbeth

"Show me! Show me!" - Third Witch

"My dear...what we're going to do is not right!" - Macbeth singing

"The opportunities come and go my darling!" - Lady Macbeth
"Believe me when I say I love you...." - Lady Macbeth

" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..." - Background music for killing scene (Macbeth killed King Duncan)

"I've done it! I've done my part!" - Lady Macbeth
"You're such a coward!" - Lady Macbeth

"Oh no! The King has been murdered!" - Macduff

"Servant! Help the Lady!" - Lennox

"All of you know he is your enemy!" - Macbeth

"We will my king!" - Second murderer

"He is so FAST! Just like USAIN BOLT!" - Third murderer

"Who did this!!!" - Macbeth

"You're spoiling the mood with your stupid act!" - Lady Macbeth

"Lead him to the confusion!" - Hecate
"Doom and Destruction!" - Hecate

"Speak!" - First Witch
"Demand!" - Second Witch
"Will answer!" - Third witch

"Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! Beware of Macduff! The Thane of Fife. Dismiss me. Enough!" - First Apparition

"Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! Be bold!" - Second Apparition

"Be brave as a lion!" - Third Apparition

"Mummy look..." - Macduff's son

"You call me a liar? You call me a big fat liar?" - First murderer
"You better prepare! You better prepare! Because you will die........." - First murderer

"Merciful heaven. WHAT?!!!" - Malcolm
"Be strong Macduff! Be strong!" - Malcolm
"Let grief turns to anger!" - Malcolm
"Spoken like a man! Come! Our armies ready!" - Malcolm

"Yeah!!!!!" - Macbeth during final battle

"Attack!!!!" - Young Siward

"What's your name?" - Young Siward
"You'll fear to hear it!" - Macbeth
"No, not even if your name is hotter than any in hell!" - Young Siward
"My name is Macbeth!" - Macbeth
"The devil himself could not pronounce a name and hateful to my ear!" - Young Siward
"No more fearful!" - Macbeth
"No, you're lying! I'll prove it with my sword!" - Young Siward
"Bring it on!" - Macbeth

"Macbeth! Prepare for my final blow!" - Young Siward

"So thanks to you all! We invite you to see us crowned at the Royal Palace! Yeah! (Looking at his noblemen) Oi!" - Malcolm
"Yeah!" Noblemen of Scotland

"Is it over? Is it really over?" - Second Witch
"But we want more!" - Third Witch

All of the line came from Macbeth drama after the scriptwriter had simplified it. Despite the end of the drama, Macbeth fever still in the air after it, especially during the story telling on the day after the drama.

Everyone, TESL 1 & 2, will always remember the moments that they had ever have. From unknown to unite. Everyone will miss it forever.

No more drama, ELC, fun and interesting activities. Even the silent one, admitted, the drama night and ELC were one of his/her memories, the great one, that he/she had ever have.

Everyone will miss the words and demands from the director and stage manager.

"Okay, kita kumpul. Buat vocal warm up. Kumpul buat bulatan. Kita pray dulu. Okay, start dari Act one sampai 5. Buat betul-betul ah!" - Miss Director

"Okay lights off. Lights on. Lepas ni feast. Tukar background scene. Tolong angkat props." - Miss Stage Manager

Hope the friendship, bonds between us will remain forever, stronger until the day we take our on path. Seriously and honestly, April 2011 was one of the greatest memories in 2011. Hope there will be another drama or camp or anything, that needs to unite both of the groups.

Famous laugh - Si talanjang laughing. Ha haha ha haaaa~~~

AvA - Never lie to memories. Keep it in your heart, cause it's bittersweet. :)

Speak English and the world understands you. :)

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