Monday, 6 August 2012

Last phase of Ramadhan.

Fate fell short this time your smile fade in the summer
Place your hand in mine I will leave when I wanna

I'm bored. So I decide to write this.

Busy week, next week, three assignments must be submitted on Thursday.

I still haven't done any, seriously. Still enjoying.

Insya Allah, I will do it. Day by day~~~

Final phase of Ramadhan, final 10 nights.

The nights which one of them contain the greatest night of 1000 months.

Lailatul Qadar, or you can say the night of Al-Qadar.

I will do my best, to increase and improve and change before Syawal come.

I've regretted so many things, too many.

I've fallen deep inside dimness of light. I must be strong to find the light that I need for myself.

So that I can be the light for people around me, insya Allah.

All need is doa, effort, continuous and tawakal.

That's my priority, my style, my way to overcome things.

I've done my task for this month, a big one. But I want to do something for the world. Insya Allah.

Just planning, a work-alone but I will need help. Of course, Allah is my priority.

Maybe, this 'something' is secret, but still need a proper planning and advice from superior.

I just hope that I will be able to balance my study, social, game, free time and especially for ibadah.

I mostly spend time on games, but I want to change the habit. It's my own fault for this new thing. Kehkeh.

So for you dear readers, hope you won't do something like I did. Better be a good person for yourself.

Dear you, happy fasting, hope that you'll always happy, hope that we'll make through this until Jannah.

Snake Charmer.

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