Monday, 17 December 2012

Move Along II

After two years playing, after two years practicing, I've decided to leave DotA.

It's a great memory to play DotA with TnP, with my juniors, my batch-mates, and seniors. I know the rules, the gameplay, strategies, with my favourite team DTS and NaVi, I learnt a lot from DotA.

However, I keep thinking of this, and also my future, after hearing news about exam results, which our class aren't excluded from facing failure, I've decided that I should stop playing DotA.

Yeah, it's hard to stop, to forget, to move on without this game, but I believe I can.

I will delete it from my laptop, delete it from my memory, and my left thumb won't ever touch Left Alt again.

Yeah, DotA is a cooperative game, that's why I want to stop. So that I can focus more and have enough sleep every day, it's not that easy, but I will try my best.

Thank you to those who helped me in developing in this game, although I lost most of the time.

It made me realize, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to get the highest rank.

No, it's not true. Maybe because I didn't put too much effort, that's why.

I'm not giving up on DotA, I just want to stop play it.

And my best hero is always Nevermore. It's so good to be able to master the most difficult and greatest hero in DotA.

Well, there's no more for that.

And I hope that when I am about to get married, I will no longer playing games.

That's my words for my unknown future wife.

Dear Allah, please forgive me for all the sins I've made.

I've lost myself, I was too immature, I was too selfish, I was too stubborn.

Yet, I will give my best to everyone, parents and friends.

And I will try to be the best because of Allah. Insya Allah.

I will move along.

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