Monday, 4 July 2011

Sorrowful day.

Criticize is good.

Sadistic comment let people down.

Be optimistic to everyone.

Tell if someone have done something wrong.

Friendship is important.

Be honest, truth is pain, yet harmless.

You're no robot. You're human.

Everyone has feeling.

Care of others.

Love them.

Be strong, together with them.

Take it as reward to change you.

Depends on you. Want it or not.

They still care about you.

Correct the mistakes, take the false step for motivation.

Forgive and forget, not better safe than sorry.

They're your family here.

Honest, wholehearted, kind, empathy, helpful.

Last but not least, ALLAH.

Today was sorrow, but memorable. It might change people, from bad to good. It's good for me, and them too.

No one seems to care, first time in life, it's all revealed.

First time in life, they will be there when you need.

4th July 2011, was a great day.

Finally, everyone is even again.

Forgive and forget.

Cause that's the way to enjoy our life.

Lastly, no more hard feelings!

Thank you, my friends!

- Alter, Bell, Shizu, Azie, Eylvera, Diane, Idah, Aga, Mer, Riizu, Acici, Siang, Theresia, Elreiy, Amni, Sri, Lala, Ain, Dayu, Tim, Padlie, Mey, Ronn, Aru.

AvA - Entry special.

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