Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New Chapter, New Ideas, New Life.

I kept thinking on these past few days about myself. I really need to start a very new chapter in my life. This year, 2010 didn't bring me any changes. I think the only change is I'm in HOSTEL LIFE. :)
I broke up with someone before entering IPG. I rejected by a girl during in IPG. Maybe Allah will give me the second best woman in my life eventually. (The first one will always be my mother)
My body GAINED WEIGHT until my mom said my body is in critical condition. Really?hehehe.

I met new friends and I'm so happy with them. I love all of them. I met new teachers in IPG.
I get to know MANY GIRLS. He he he. But none of them attract my attention (maybe because I ignore them.)
But there's one thing really change inside me. I don't know why. I think I lost my strength which I always have. I became so weak.

2010, many people said and claimed that 2010 is a best year. Soon, I found out that I haven't change a bit! However, MY HAIR is getting...WHITER.

Let's see. I learned to do assignment. He he he. But mostly mine was POOR QUALITY. But, what the heck, FIRST TIME ISN'T IT? :)
I gained more knowledge but I didn't practiced it. Sad.
I've fell many times this year and I'm too late to stand up again.

I need a strength to overcome my problems. I used to be cool in any situation but now..I'm not.
Maybe I really need to change myself. In order to be a good person. I'm bad you know.

You know, I'm not writing here to tell about my problems. I just want to share. Maybe some of you feel the same. :)

This is some kind of reflection but a simple one.

And yeah, I wrote this because IT IS NEARLY NEW YEAR (Hijriah year). I need to have desires for myself and others. I just hope I can be stronger than the past.

And I hope, I'll find a woman a.k.a WIFE that I can share love with her. ^_^

Nobody's perfect. I'm not perfect either. There's someone said, practice makes perfect but no one's perfect. So why do we need to practice?
Let me answer this.
There's no perfection except for ALLAH. :)
However, if you practice everyday, you will master it. This is what we call PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.
Anyone can mistake. From the mistake we learned to not to do it again. So that our jobs, whatever we do will always advance to the next level. Human never satisfy for everything that they've done or gained. Only an HONEST and GRATEFUL PERSON will be more HAPPY than anyone. Why?Because they do not for them..FOR ALLAH. :)
If some of you make mistake, they will say NOBODY'S PERFECT. ANYONE CAN MAKE MISTAKES. So do I. But if we do honestly, believe me, Allah will always help you. That's make you perfect. Because of the ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY. :)

Don't twist the word of perfection. You have your own skill, strength. :)

What the heck with those people claiming their life are full of trials and they SIGHED? It's not good you know. People will always have trials and happiness in their life. These what make you ALLAH'S creation. Don't be so sad. Life WILL NEVER HURT. ONLY IF YOU THINK OF ALLAH. :) Believe me. I felt this before. But yeah, I've fell. I will stand up back to fight. :)

I just want to share. Maybe all of you will get something from this statement. Whatever we do, DO IT HONESTLY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY. InsyaAllah our life will be wonderful. :)


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  1. Have faith my boy. In what ever you do, you must have faith and trust to yourself and continue struggling..