Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Towards the End

Ini bukan bisvit selimut.

Setiap tahun, sejak aku memulakan blog, pasti ada sesi refleksi tahunan.

Jadi jom mula.

2013. The year, a great year, the year that I changed a lot, still, need to improve.



I gained new knowledge in terms of calories/health/muscle building/fat loss. If you want to ask me how to reduce fat, I guess I have to do it myself first so that you know about it.

I gained new interest, of course the revival interest in sports - badminton, volleyball, futsal, football.

Of course, I started to read anything related to health - including search solutions/symptoms/causes of something on the internet - compare to before, I just go with the flow.

Well, one more thing, my results in exam last semester (Sem 3), was kinda good. Yup. I hope to improve a lot this semester. Insya Allah.

Then then then, we had our PBS (3 and 4) and we went to Ba'kelalan. If I have money, I would go there, of course with friends. I miss that place.

Well, rasanya itu saja. Maybe ada sedikit 'kekecohan' di situ, tapi I don't have the rights to justify that situation.

But the greatest thing I have ever did to change was losing weight. Yeah. That is my great success this year. I love it, and I hope to reduce more, and continue until.. I die - not losing weight, but to stay healthy.

It's hard to avoid temptation at late stage rather than early stage. I don't know. I began my weight loss in a good momentum, reducing calories and stop eating foods that bad for my health, but in the end, I lost the battle, still maintain the weight.

Well, I just show you the numbers.

Up until late/end of 2012, I gained three figures for the first time - 100/101 kg. I started at 31st December, and lost total 22kg after four months, and maintain until my sister's wedding (end of May 2013). During the holiday, I gained 2 kg (which I HOPE it was muscle mass weight) during the holiday until Ramdhan. After Ramadhan, I gained 3-5kg because I stopped all my workouts and I ate too much during the fasting month (stupid things to do).Yup. And the weight maintain until NOW. The moment I wrote this entry.

Of course, I depressed, lacked of sleep, I don't control myself. But I just need to change my lifestyle to another level - eating clean foods, reduce bad foods, focus on HIIT, enjoy my cardio, HI on my weight training.

Well, insya Allah, pray for me. Since I have 25 days before THE DAY. I need to boost things up.

Well, that's it. Since I have Dota 2, I enjoy watching the games rather than playing it. Entah kenapa. Macam tengok bola sepak, lebih rela tengok daripada join main, walaupun padang tu dekat saja dengan rumah.

I hope things will be back to normal, always remind yourself, pain is temporary. In a dark tunnel, there's a light at the end of it, unless it's a dead end.

Hujan itu rahmat Allah, pelangi itu keindahan dan kebesaranNya.

Hope you guys, especially you, you, you and you, will be alright, have a good time, and of course, happy always.

#Miss A, all the best for your SPP interview. May Allah bless you. :)

#Oh dear gamer friends, sorry to say. But I may already have lost my interest in BIG GAMING. Jadi kalau ada mood, aku minta jerr game tu, takde download dah.

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